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NDT Global Completes Integration of Halfwave to Inspection Services Business

NDT Global has completed the integration of Halfwave inspection services into its business, according to a Jan. 19 statement. NDT Global parent company, Eddyfi/NDT, acquired Halfwave in February 2020.

Halfwave is the owner of the proprietary Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART), an ultrasound-based technique which allows high-precision measurements in imperfect conditions and without the need for liquid couplant. The ART technique allows NDT Global to officially enter the in-service gas pipeline segment and present a competitive alternative to MFL and EMAT testing.

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“We truly believe this integration marks the start of a new chapter of what has already been a great story for NDT Global and Halfwave,” said Andy Bain, senior vice president of NDT Global. “We are excited about adding ART to our portfolio as it perfectly complements NDT Global’s Ultrasonic Technology solutions. NDT Global is now a single supplier of gas and liquid pipeline inspections and integrity management services.

“This integration brings many opportunities for our combined organizations in terms of services and technological advancements that we will be able to provide pipeline operators helping them operate their pipelines safely and efficiently.”

NDT Global is the leading supplier of ultrasonic pipeline inspection, acoustic resonance technology (ART), and advanced data analytics. A state-of-the-art inspection fleet provides the entire inline inspection (ILI) service spectrum for gas and liquid pipelines. The full range of services includes crack, metal loss, geometry, and mapping inspection, in combination with data analysis and integrity assessments.

First run success, best data quality and rapid report delivery are its key benchmarks. A skilled engineering and project management team, complemented by one of the best data analysis teams in the industry, has inspected and analyzed pipelines worldwide. The company has 14 offices around the world. 

NDT Global is part of Eddyfi/NDT, an innovative technology group that strives to develop the most advanced NDT science and technology in the world.

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