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Montana State Sen. Zinke Joins STWA Board of Directors

Montana State Sen. Ryan Zinke has joined the board of directors of oil and fuel delivery systems developer STWA Inc. The company’s Applied Oil Technology (AOT) oil pipeline efficiency technology supports Zinke’s platform of moving America toward “energy independence.”

As part of his efforts to enable further growth in domestic energy production, Zinke and STWA president and CFO Gregg Bigger have been traveling over the past few months introducing various members of the North American energy industry to AOT.

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“It has been an absolute pleasure working with my colleague and friend, Sen. Zinke,” Bigger said. “Sen. Zinke’s unprecedented access to members of the energy community has already allowed STWA to accelerate its sales and commercial development process throughout North America.”

Zinke is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL Commander and former Commander at Seal Team Six. He was elected to the Montana State Senate and chairs the Senate Education Committee and serves on the Senate Finance and Claims Committee. Zinke is also CEO of a consulting firm that specializes in advanced technology supporting the industries of aerospace, oil and gas, and security. He serves as the director of the Montana Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Center for Remote Integration, a founding director of the Montana Firearms Institute (MFI) and is the president and founder of the Great Northern Veterans Peace Park Foundation. Recently, Zinke was honored to assume the chairmanship of Special Operations for America (SOFA).

“It’s a great honor to join this dedicated team of individuals in moving AOT forward,” Zinke said. “I am confident that the commercialization of STWA’s technology will hold great importance in our national mission of North America being energy independent. The fact that STWA technology will make America both more competitive and more efficient is exiting. I would like to thank the board of directors, the STWA team and the company’s shareholders for this opportunity.”

The AOT Enhanced Oil Transport System is designed to be installed on existing and new build pipelines anywhere in the world. The purpose behind the system is to provide a way for the pipeline operator to instantly reduce their operational expenses, while allowing the pipeline operator’s customers to increase the number of barrels they can move through that pipeline each day.


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