... Milliken Infrastructure Solutions Grows Oil and Gas Rehab Presence

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions Extends Presence in Oil and Gas Infrastructure Rehab Market

BusinessBriefsMilliken Infrastructure Solutions, continues to expand its presence in the oil and gas infrastructure rehabilitation market following its acquisition of the assets of Pipe Wrap, Inc. in 2014.

As pipeline infrastructures age, issues caused by external corrosion can result in integrity threats and service failures. Regulations for developing and maintaining oil and gas pipelines are becoming increasingly stringent, requiring asset owners, engineers and contractors to provide more testing data and documentation.

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Milliken Infrastructure Solutions has combined its experts with Pipe Wrap’s team and, with the support of global engineers, scientists and researchers, is developing not only progressive composite wrap (fiber reinforced polymer) solutions detectable by in-line inspection tools, but also in-depth repair project documentation and design applications unlike any previously offered in the industry.

“The integration of Pipe Wrap products and tools into our portfolio of high-quality tested solutions has allowed MIS to further advance our high-touch, service oriented relationships with customers,” said Dale Willis, vice president of Milliken’s building and infrastructure business. “Our standards of excellence in engineering design, best-in-class logistics and on-demand installation support are essential to our ability to better serve the growing oil and gas infrastructure repair market.”

With the acquisition of Pipe Wrap’s assets in August 2014, Milliken has become a leader in the design and construction of composite materials for pipe repairs, providing custom solutions for structural reinforcement, leak repair, and corrosion prevention. Utilizing the experience of Pipe Wrap in the composite repair industry, MIS is able to deliver third-party tested and validated, leading-edge solutions that are not only cost-effective to rehabilitate, strengthen or protect assets in the oil, gas and industrial market, but also create customer value.

Headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the company’s extensive range of products – from fiber reinforced polymer and geopolymer mortar systems, to geosynthetic composite concrete mat and fabric innerduct – offer solutions for oil, gas and industrial; storm and sanitary; buildings and parking facilities; transport infrastructure; and telecom markets.

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