... Mexico Oil & Gas Summit to Highlight Investment Opportunities

Mexico Oil and Gas Summit to Highlight Private Investment Opportunities

Business research firm Oliver Kinross Ltd. will be hosting The Mexico Oil and Gas Summit, Oct. 20-21, in Mexico City. The event will be co-hosted with the Mexico Power Summit and the Mexico Energy Industry Awards and will provide overview for recent reforms and private investment opportunities in the country’s energy industry.

Mexico’s senate committee gave approval to key parts of the energy bill on July 15. The full senate began debating the second legislation with senators voting 90-28 in favor of the energy sector legislation. Although approval was given, a final decision has yet to be made. Nevertheless, it does establish the regulatory framework for the introduction to the country’s oil and gas sector to open to private investment.

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Since Mexico announced that it was opening up its energy assets market to foreign investors, the country has become a major destination for investment. These reforms have drawn attention on a global scale. Companies that have recently expressed interest in investing include one of Japan’s biggest energy investors, Mitsui, which has made a public announcement regarding its interest in Mexico’s oil and natural gas assets. SapuraKecan, Malaysia’s biggest oil and gas services company has also expressed interest in investing in the Americas as it looks to regions experiencing growth. These international companies are viewed as necessary partners in order for Mexico to diversify its foreign investment appeal.

The Mexican government also plans to increase the energy security of the nation in order to generate economic development. The government believes that greater private sector investment in power generation in Mexico will ultimately lead to more diverse generation sources and new opportunities. This international investment will overturn a decade-long decline in oil production as the reform brings focus on new sources and alternatives of energy such as shale oil and gas.

The Mexico Oil and Gas Summit will be the most definitive energy event in the region discussing the latest opportunities in Mexico since the enforced legislation. The high profile event features a range of renowned speakers from within these industries including: Miguel Alonso Rubio, director general of Acciona Energía; Guillermo Zúñiga Martinez, commissioner, and Sergio Alejandro Peraza García, director general of electricity and renewable energy of the Energy Regulatory Commission; and Gaspar Franco Hernández, director general of exploitation of the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH), amongst many others.

These respected representatives of the region and industry will be key influences in terms of the future development of Mexico and this drastic change through the reforms. It is a very exciting time for Mexico; many policy makers have come to realize the huge opportunity that energy offers on a global scale. All these changes and investment in the future could increase foreign investment by a substantial amount and boost potential growth in Mexico.


The event will also host The Mexico Energy Industry Awards alongside the two summits and will overall be a key event catering to the opportunities in Mexico since the introduction of the reforms.


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