... Pipeline Product Expo: Pipelayers, Lifting Equipment

Pipeline Product Expo: Pipelayers, Lifting Equipment

When out on the right of way for those big cross-country pipelines, contractors need something to safely handle large-diameter pipe. With miles-long spreads, pipelayers, sidebooms and vacuum lifters helps crews lay in the pipe that connects supply to market. This equipment needs have the lifting capacity and pipe securing considerations to ensure safe and efficient installation day in and day out.

Whether working with dedicated pipelayers, converting tractors to a sideboom or using attachments that add versatility to a company’s existing equipment fleet, these manufacturers offer a wide variety of solutions to suit any pipeline jobsite.

PLM-Cat-KMC_6816Caterpillar PL83 Pipelayer

The all new Cat PL83 pipelayer is newly designed to meet the demands for increased lift capacity, enhanced slope capability, ease of operation, performance and transportability. Rated lift capacity (at tipping point) for the PL83 is 170,000 lbs. A non-suspended, elevated-sprocket undercarriage provides ample track-on-ground for added stability, and the new model’s massive mainframe and main case resists operating stress.

The PL83’s Cat C15 ACERT engine has a maximum power rating of 363 hp and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4-Final/EU Stage IV emissions standards. The new model features an integrated, all-Cat power train with differential steering and an electronically controlled hydraulic system that places total control of lifting functions into one single joystick. Independent, variable-speed winches for the boom and hook provide precise control, and the enhanced counterweight system ensures a low center of gravity for optimum performance. A new Roll-over Protection Structure (ROPS) provides added safety for both open and enclosed operator’s stations. The new, purpose-built pipelayer cab is now pressurized and incorporates new operator-comfort and convenience features.

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Together with a knowledgeable product support team to assist with equipment guidance, purpose-built parts supply and coordination of local Cat dealer service — PipeLine Machinery International presents the PL83 pipelayer as the preferred choice for heavy lifting on a pipeline jobsite.

For more information, visit plmcat.com.

MAATS-RL24-PIPELAYER---NAPMaats RL24 Pipelayer

Maats and Liebherr developed a program of the strongest, most reliable and safe pipelayers (ranging 20 to 90 tons). The Maats RL24 is the smallest machine in that program, but don’t let its size fool you as the advanced layout of the machine provides a lift capacity that is unique in its 20-ton class. Based on an operating weight of 21,500 kg, the machine has a lift capacity of 24 tons.

Thanks to the compact (Liebherr) base machine, the foldable boom and the non-extendable counterweight, the machine dimensions are kept to a minimum without loss of stability and lift capacity.

The machine is equipped with LGP (low ground pressure) track pads and the typical hydrostatic drive allows precise maneuvering and tight turning (around its own axis), as well as reducing the number of
wear parts.

The compact machine and its excellent maneuverability are an asset for working on locations where space
is limited.

The foldable boom reduces transport dimensions and allows the machine to be prepared for transport within minutes.

The well thought-out design, high quality materials and innovative technologies ensure maximum reliability and productivity, even under the most difficult circumstances. Built with mainly Liebherr components, the machine’s service and spare parts can be easily obtained, anywhere in the world.

The ergonomic design and numerous safety features guarantee a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator.

For more information, visit maats.com.

MW-D8RMidwestern M583CH Sideboom Attachment

Midwestern works with contractors to provide them with the industry’s most reliable pipelayers. With knowledge from the field, contractors’ desire to use fleet tractors and Midwestern’s expertise, sideboom conversions make practical alternatives. The 1998 Cat D8R tractor with LGP (low ground pressure) undercarriage and extended rear idler (for maximum stability) was converted to a pipelayer with Midwestern’s latest M583CH sideboom attachment with a lifting capacity of 140,000 lbs.

A multi-functional joystick controller allows simultaneous, precise control of the load and boom functions with one hand. Electronic rocker switches are used for counterweight and two-speed functions. The high-capacity pipelayer winch package offers high-efficiency, two-speed piston motors.

A new compact sideboom attachment design offers improved operator visibility, while the low, compact design also provides balanced weight distribution for optimum operating control.

Other features include an emergency free-fall function on the load winch, as well as an electrohydraulic boom stop. The system employs the tractor’s existing hydraulic pump, filter and reservoir for convenience of OEM replacement parts and maintenance. The tubular A-frame boom features quick-release hinge pins for easy boom removal and maintenance.

Midwestern is a leader in hydraulic sidebooms ranging from 10,000 to 230,000 lbs (4 to 104 tons) lift capacity.

For more information, visit sidebooms.com.

Vacuworx-Pipe_StringingVacuworx “H” Model Vacuum Lifting Systems

Vacuworx has set a new standard in material handling with hydraulic-powered vacuum lifting systems. The new hydraulic “H” models feature the same powerful performance of Vacuworx diesel-powered systems with much lower operating costs. Because they use the hydraulic system of the host machine, there are no fuel requirements, which saves time and reduces operating costs. In addition, hydraulic vacuum lifters have fewer moving parts, which means greater reliability and less maintenance.

The RC Series hydraulic vacuum lifting systems are designed to handle materials from 22,000 to 44,000 lbs. All Vacuworx Lifting Systems feature wireless remote operation and 360-degree rotation to position materials without the need for tag line operators on the ground, offering a safer alternative to using hooks, slings or chains.

Vacuworx Lifting Systems are also designed to increase productivity and benefit the bottom line. Vacuum lifting allows faster load and unload cycles with less downtime than conventional methods since there are no slings and chains to hook and unhook. Vacuum lifting virtually eliminates damage to materials and coatings without having to take extra precautions. And the need for fewer ground personnel reduces the risk of accidents and lowers payroll and insurance costs

For more information, visit vacuworx.com.

New_PL4809D_ImageVolvo PL4809D Rotating Pipelayer

The PL4809D rotating pipelayer is the second largest member of Volvo’s revolutionary excavator-based pipelayer lineup. Offering excellent stability with a 90-ton lifting capacity, the PL4809D is highly productive while also being one of the safest and most stable machines in the industry.

Featuring Volvo patented 360-degree swing capability, the PL4809D can handle large, heavy pipes and place them anywhere around the machine. The PL4809D’s innovative design also allows it to be converted into a high-performance excavator by swapping the pipelayer boom for the excavator boom included in the optional digging kit.

The PL4809D rotating pipelayer is designed to offer superior safety and flexibility, even on rugged terrain and inclines of up to 30 degrees. When holding a load on a slope, or during tie-ins, a heavy-duty mechanical slew lock fixes the superstructure at every 10th degree in relation to the undercarriage, protecting the transmission and providing excellent precision and security. A solid footing is secured by 30-in. tracks, which can be upgraded to wider 42-in. tracks for added stability and lower ground pressure. The extra wide undercarriage is retractable, enabling the user to reduce the pipelayer’s width for road transportation.

The PL4809D’s exclusive load management system (LMS) makes operation safer and easier. Wireless sensors on the hook, boom and base machine feed data concerning the boom angle, machine orientation and inclination to an in-cab computer, which calculates and displays actual loads and related working loads in real time. There are also visible and audible warning signals that notify the operator when the safe load limit is reached, including indicator lights on both sides of the boom.

A six-year service subscription to Volvo’s CareTrack telematics system also comes standard, providing owners with monitoring and diagnostic information to reduce fuel costs and optimize performance.

For more information, visit volvoce.com.

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