... Marabou Superior Pipeline Completes Natural Gas Pipeline

Marabou Superior Pipeline Completes Wisconsin Natural Gas Line

Canada Looks to Export Gas to Asia, EuropeMarabou Superior Pipeline recently completed a 19,000 lf natural gas pipeline and natural gas service has commenced to the new Arcadia Sand LLC sand mine, capable of processing up to 310 tons of sand per hour, in Arcadia, Wisconsin.

This is Marabou’s fourth pipeline serving the burgeoning sand mine industry in Wisconsin. Arcadia Sand contracted with Marabou Superior Pipeline in 2014 for the design and construction of the 6-in. SDR9 high-density polyethylene pipeline for delivery of up to 53,000 Scfh to its dryer. Marabou Superior Pipeline completed the regulatory and right of way work in 2014 before winter set in, and the construction of the pipeline was completed in April 2015.

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“We really appreciate being selected by Arcadia Sand to assist with the development of their Arcadia facility,” said Karl Klanke, one of the founding Members of Marabou Superior Pipeline. “Our all-inclusive service, which includes gas supply to the customer’s burner tip, scheduling, transport, imbalance and penalty indemnification, and one invoice for everything, enabled us to provide a very cost effective and long term reliable natural gas solution for their energy requirements.”

Marabou was responsible for the design and construction of the pipeline, the procurement of any necessary right of way and easement agreements, all required regulatory permits and approvals, negotiation of the upstream interconnect and measurement, and is the natural gas supplier to the Arcadia facility under a long term sales agreement.

“The Marabou pipeline to our Arcadia facility was completed on schedule and under the initial estimated cost. We had a number of fuel supply options available to us, but from the standpoint of cost, reliability and long term return on capital invested, the Marabou solution was by far the best,” said Tony Giardano, president of Arcadia Sand. “Our operations and accounting folks also appreciate Marabou’s customer oriented, full service approach.”

Marabou Superior Pipeline was formed in 2010 for the purpose of providing natural gas service to industrial customers through pipelines designed and built to suit each customer’s particular requirements; and the construction, acquisition, and operation of midstream oil and gas assets. In addition to its Wisconsin assets, Marabou also owns and operates five gas pipelines in Texas serving asphalt plants and sand mines.

“Marabou has developed a unique approach to the supply and delivery of natural gas to commercial and industrial facilities. Coupled with our long standing marketing assets in Marabou Superior Pipeline’s sister company, Marabou Midstream Services, we can optimize a solution that works over the long term,” said Marabou Superior Pipeline co-founder David Dunnavant. “We are proud of our relationship with Mississippi Sand. It is evidence of the confidence our customers have in the Marabou approach and our long term capabilities.”

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