... Major Pipeline to Build Three Pipelines in Appalachian Basin

Major Pipeline to Build Three Pipelines in Appalachian Basin

Michigan-based Major Pipeline LLC plans to construct and put into operation three pipelines in southern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia by the end of 2015. The pipelines will transport brine, fresh water and natural gas liquid (NGL) condensates to support operations in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays.

The project, deemed the Eridanus Pipeline System, will be comprised of approximately 105 miles of pipeline, handling up to 11.3 million gallons of water and condensates per day. The three pipelines will be a 16-in. fresh water pipeline, a 12-in. brine pipeline and a 6-in. NGL condensate pipeline. Major Pipeline plans to start the construction phase of the project in the first quarter of 2015.

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Right of way acquisitions and pipeline survey are ongoing. GreenHunter Resources, an oilfield water management solutions provider for oil and gas operators, has signed definitive contracts with Major Pipeline to use these pipelines as an integral part of operations in the region.

Using pipelines in lieu of over-the-road trucking will significantly change the complexion of day-to-day operations in the Marcellus shale play and the evolving Utica shale Play, according to Kurt Rushmore, vice president of Major Pipeline.

“GreenHunter has taken a large and inspired step forward in addressing the challenges faced by producers in the region, giving them an environmentally sound and economically advantageous method of handling their issues revolving around water,” Rushmore said.

The Eridanus Pipeline System is projected to employ hundreds of skilled women and men during its development and construction. Once the Eridanus System is operational, Major Pipeline is planning to open a regional office in the area and employ a number of pipeline technicians and support staff. Major Pipeline has already secured all financing needed to develop the Eridanus System and is interested in expanding its operations in the region.

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