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LoneStar Geophysical Canada, Petro North Sign Exclusivity Deal

LoneStar Geophysical Canada, a sister company to the U.S.-based LoneStar Geophysical Surveys and a leading provider of onshore seismic data acquisition services in North America, announced on Aug. 13 an exclusivity agreement between LoneStar Geophysical Canada and Petro North Corp., which includes consummating a strategic coalition with First Nations and Metis communities throughout Canada. LoneStar Geophysical Canada headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, will be aligning a large scale seismic data acquisition team and vertical seismic profiling acquisition protocols to serve the indigenous surface chief directors and their exploration and production company affiliates.

A joint development between both companies is giving Aboriginal communities and individuals a new level of participation within the exploration and production industry.

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“Preparing for this momentous opportunity to serve the Aboriginal community has been in the works for the last year to provide a unique cooperation with Petro North Corp. and its clientele,” said Heath Harris, CEO and president of LoneStar Geophysical Canada.

LoneStar Geophysical Canada has developed an uncommon environmentally friendly Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) system program, managed by Mitch Thilmony, the company’s HSEQ management system director, and Brian Kozun, business development general manager. The program trains the appropriate aboriginal personnel candidates who will be participating for immediate employment once they receive training and qualifying certification for a specific position. LoneStar Geophysical Canada will include a registration process and the procedures for designating users, new hires and managing certification records for the bands.

Petro North has made substantial progress in just one year and will continue to improve and adapt to help serve the First Nations and Metis communities, its provinces and the public in general. Over the next year, Petro North will implement several modifications to upgrade the seismic and VSP opportunities with LoneStar Geophysical Canada including the creation of more uniform reports, regulatory agency access to records and to transmit and view all of the seismic data in real time, most importantly, enhanced search capabilities on First Nations and Metis land for the oil and gas and exploration and production industries.

“Petro North is extremely pleased that LoneStar Geophysical Canada chose the unique opportunity and realized the immediate impact that would demonstrate a united front for the Aboriginal community and engage them in all areas of operations, as we all look forward to growth and prosperity in the following years,” said Wilfred Lalonde, CEO and president of Petro North.

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