... Loftness Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Loftness Specialized Equipment Celebrates 60 Years

This year, Loftness Specialized Equipment marks 60 years of manufacturing success in the heart of the upper Midwest.

The company has grown and expanded its founder, a Hector, Minnesota farmer named Dick Loftness, made a V-type snow blower for his own use. This soon led to the start of Loftness Manufacturing in 1965. In 1979, Dick Loftness sold the company to Marv Nelson, and the company has been owned and operated by the Nelson family ever since.

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Since its  beginnings, the company has greatly expanded its plant footprint and product offerings. The company’s lineup now includes VMLogix vegetation management equipment, SnowLogix snow blower attachments, GrainLogix grain-bagging equipment, CropLogix crop residue equipment and the recently launched FertiLogix line of fertilizer application and handling equipment. Loftness also produces specialized attachments, including the Kwik Pik rock picker, Cool Flow auxiliary hydraulic cooler and Power Pak hydraulic power unit.

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“We’ve made great strides in six decades, and we’re very proud of our company’s accomplishments and work ethic,” said Gloria Nelson, president of Loftness.

The resolve for manufacturing excellence that began with Dick Loftness, and was spurred by Marv Nelson, continues to present day. Top-grade steel, welded with high-quality wire and argon gas, along with top-of-the-line components and pride of workmanship from its skilled workforce goes into every company product. Rigorous testing ensures a problem-free machine, while a commitment to reliability and service has built strong customer relationships.

“We are proud to provide jobs here in the city of Hector, and we know the citizens are proud to have us as part of their community. Loftness would not be where it is today without the determination, dedication and safety of our workers,” said Steve Nelson, senior vice president of marketing. “In fact, our staff’s commitment to safety has resulted in an ongoing record streak of more than three years without a lost day due to injury.”

What began simply by manufacturing and selling to local farmers in 1956 has expanded into a global business. Now, Loftness products are sold across the United States and Canada, as well as Mexico, Chile, France, Japan, China and Australia.

“At Loftness, we strive to design and build the best equipment possible, while meeting the standards our customers have come to expect,” said Dave Nelson, senior vice president of sales. “We are committed to continue down the path of success paved during the past 60 years.”

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