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Liebherr Unveils New U.S. Corporate Headquarters in Virginia

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Liebherr in the United States, Liebherr USA. Co. is showing off its new U.S. corporate headquarters in Newport News, Virginia.

The newly expanded facility is now open, featuring a 60,000-sq-ft administrative building, a 82,000-sq-ft workshop and training facility, a 92,000-sq-ft parts distribution warehouse with retail operations, a guardhouse and a one-story, 7,500-sq-ft wash bay building. The five new buildings cover a 30-acre site and significantly increase Liebherr’s capability for expanded courses and inhouse training, as well as for production, equipment preparation, product support and parts distribution for the nine different product divisions that fall under the Liebherr USA’s umbrella.

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The administration building is a four-story office building designed to enable seamless collaboration among team members. It features sophisticated design elements, multiple technology laden training rooms with video conferencing capabilities, and flexible workspaces for different types of working. The fourth-floor offers a variety of client-facing features and workspaces, as well as an executive conference area with two balconies.

The workshop houses a two-story training center with classrooms for in-house dealers, dealer technicians, and customers who gain hands-on experience with real equipment on the warehouse training floor.

A large maintenance shop allows Liebherr staff to service cranes of all sizes, concrete pump trucks and earth moving equipment such as bull dozers, excavators and loaders.

The $60 million investment underlines to the continuous success in Liebherr’s 50 years of business operations in the United States.

“Apart from investing in research and design for cutting edge technology, we have a long-term focus with respect to our business and the relationships with our customers,” said Torben Reher, managing director of Liebherr USA. “We want to grow together and our new site is the evidence for this approach; we are preparing for the future while investing in our customers’ success.”

The Liebherr Group is a family-run technology company with a highly diversified product portfolio. The company is not only one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world, but also provides high-quality and user-oriented products and services in a wide range of other areas. The Liebherr Group includes over 140 companies across all continents, employs more than 48,000 staff and in 2019 achieved combined revenues of more than 11.7 billion euros (about $13.7 billion USD). Since its foundation in 1949 in Kirchdorf an der Iller in Southern Germany, Liebherr has been pursuing the goal of achieving continuous technological innovation, and bringing industry-leading solutions to its customers.


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