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Ledcor Promotes Dale Posein to Lead Pipeline Group

Edmonton-based Ledcor announced April 22 that Dale Posein, chief operating officer, Constructors Group, has been appointed the head of its pipeline and industrial construction groups, plus its Fort McMurray operations unit.

These three long-standing Ledcor operating groups construct and maintain large diameter mainline energy pipelines, build and maintain complex industrial facilities, and service oil sands operations in Western Canada for numerous market-leading energy, pipeline and natural resource companies.

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“I am very pleased to announce this promotion of Dale Posein within our Constructors group. He is a proven leader with over three decades of construction experience with Ledcor in road-building, mining, SAGDs, fibre optics and pipeline,” said Tom Lassu. “Dale has been a very effective project executive on many complex builds, especially as energy project design, engineering, and construction methods have become more complex, demanding, and scrutinized.”

Ledcor is experienced in the construction of large diameter energy pipelines including mainline cross-country construction utilizing mechanized or manual welding methods in a variety of geographic terrains, such as prairie, muskeg, heavily forested and mountainous regions. Ledcor’s current capacity includes two mainline spreads of state-of-the-art pipeline construction equipment.

Ledcor’s industrial oil and gas construction experience includes fulfilling the demanding standards of numerous world-leading petroleum companies and EPC firms to deliver oil and gas refineries, upgraders and other production and transportation facilities, petrochemical and fertilizer production plants, mineral processing facilities, electrical generation stations, as well as alternative fuels plants. Ledcor also has a well-established and equipped oil sands site services business based in Fort McMurray supporting local operations 24/7.

“I look forward to leading Ledcor’s oil and gas focused teams, as we evolve to face the new challenges and opportunities that face the industry,” said Posein. “I especially look forward to working with our long-standing clients, our global partners and local suppliers to deliver world-class petroleum energy infrastructure for Canada that is safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.”

Posein’s previous role was COO, Pipeline, responsible for operations, project management, project leadership and project execution for all pipeline contracts. He is currently serving on the board of directors for the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association Foundation (CEPA) and sits on the CEPA Foundation Planning Committee.

Bill Partington Retires

The company all announced the retirement of Bill Partington, president of Ledcor Pipeline Group.

“On behalf of all the employees at Ledcor I want to thank Bill for his 15-year contribution to the company and the Canadian pipeline industry,” said Dave Lede, chairman and CEO of Ledcor. “Bill moved Ledcor into the large diameter pipeline business and was very effective in enhancing the safety culture and sustainability practices at Ledcor and within the Western Canadian pipeline industry. We wish Bill all the best in the next phase of his journey.”

Partington was a founding board member of CEPA and the CEPA Foundation. He led a community relations program that was awarded the 2019 International Pipeline Community Social Responsibility award by IPLOCA in Geneva.

“It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to lead Ledcor’s pipeline group. I am sure that the pipeline group is in good hands and the future looks extremely bright,” said Partington.

The Ledcor Group of Companies is one of North America’s most diversified construction companies, serving the civil & infrastructure, oil and gas, pipeline, building, mining, power and telecommunications sectors. Ledcor also owns operations in property investment, forestry, aviation and marine transportation services. Ledcor is a privately held, employee-owned company with more than 800 employee-shareholders. Ledcor employs over 7,000 people across 20 offices. Since 1947 the company has been growing with its clients and partners: Forward. Together.


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