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Editor’s Message: Leader in Progress, Staying Humble

This issue focuses on our 2019 Pipeline Leadership Award winner, Shawn Lyon, president of Marathon Pipe Line LLC. It was an honor to meet with Shawn at his Findlay, Ohio, office and discuss his philosophies regarding the pipeline industry, safety and leadership. He wears his values on his sleeve, plain as day.

One of the things he said near the end of our interview struck a chord with me.

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“I’m a leader in progress,” Lyon said. “I haven’t achieved anything. I’m learning every day.”

Here I am interviewing him as the winner of our annual award, voted on by a cadre of pipeline industry veterans on our Pipeline Leadership Conference Program Committee, who picked Shawn tops among 22 nominees in part because of his role in championing pipeline safety, a man who has spent 30 years in the industry and leads a company that has more than 10,000 miles of pipelines across 25 states, and yet he remains humble.

In fact, that was another thing he said.

“The industry as a whole is showing progress in the journey of pipeline safety,” he said. “And yet, there is more work to do. There are two things we have to do. One is to think big to find solutions and using technology in ways to address systemic issues. The other piece is to stay humble.”

In Shawn’s mind, staying humble is a key factor in ensuring that the industry continues to improve safety and uphold its responsibility to protect the public.

“Together we can make a difference,” he said. “I’ve seen it, and it can happen.”

What an inspiring message to contemplate during this time of year when we reflect back upon our progress over the past year while also looking ahead at what we can accomplish in the future. We would all do well to consider ourselves a work in progress, to stay humble and work to improve ourselves and our industry.

You can read more about Shawn’s accomplishments and his thoughts on the pipeline industry here.

Thank you all for reading North American Oil & Gas Pipelines in 2019. I look forward to bringing you more important and exciting stories in 2020. Enjoy the holidays and have a safe and joyous New Year.

Brad Kramer | Managing Editor
bkramer@benjaminmedia.com Twitter: @NAOGP1

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