... John Deere Updates K-Series Dozers

John Deere Updates K-Series Dozer Line

Increased contractor productivity is one of the benefits of John Deere’s new 550K, 650K and 700K crawler dozers, which meet Final Tier 4 emissions standards and incorporate Eco mode to optimize fuel economy.

“The 550K, 650K and 700K crawlers are built on the success of the K-Series lineup and boast many new updated features like their 850K and 1050K cousins,” said Mark Oliver, crawler dozers product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “In addition to engine updates, John Deere added some new features customers will appreciate, including the electro-hydraulic system, Eco mode, blade shake, push button throttle, and courtesy lighting.”

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The 550K and 650K incorporate a PowerTech 4.5L Final Tier 4 (FT4)diesel engine with 92 hp and 104 hp respectively and the 700K has a PowerTech 6.8L FT4 diesel engine with 130 hp, a five horsepower increase over its Interim Tier 4 predecessor.

All three models incorporate John Deere’s new Eco Mode feature that optimizes fuel economy while maintaining ground speed by automatically adjusting engine speed and transmission settings based on load. A new push button throttle controls engine RPM, as opposed to a rotary dial. Speed increase and decrease buttons will cause engine RPM to either go to wide open throttle or to low idle. Pushing and holding the button will allow the operator to find the desired speed range.

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning occurs automatically with no impact to machine operation and extensive testing allowed John Deere’s DPF to go up to 15,000 hours before ash removal.

The new crawler models continue to use and updates were made to the electronic control system for improved response and controllability. The motors were also upgraded from a two-speed design to a variable displacement design to optimize pushing power and drawbar pull.

Machine hydraulics were updated for improved performance and response, and offer new features when optional electro-hydraulic (EH) controls are ordered. A larger hydraulic pump is now available as standard equipment with the 550K and 650K for both mechanical controls and the updated electro-hydraulic system. The EH system on the 550K, 650K as well as the 700K is more responsive to operator inputs and the machine will significantly grade better when equipped with a grade control system.

The new blade shake feature with EH controls helps make every operator more productive. At the push of a button, blade shake causes the blade to shake in a quick, repeated motion that helps shed material from the blade.

When the dozers are ordered with the new EH controls, they are grade control ready to accept the system of the customer’s choice. John Deere’s “open-architecture” design lets customers easily employ their favorite brand of grade-control system – Trimble, Topcon, or Leica. For Topcon customers, all models can be factory-installed with a Topcon 3D-MC2 grade control system for faster availability and the ability to finance the system with the dozer purchaser.

The 700K has two additional blade size options that were previously not available to help match machine performance and increase productivity in grading/spreading applications. A new 126 in. blade is available in addition to the 120 in. blade on an XLT frame and a new 144 in. blade is available along with a 132 in. blade on an LGP frame.

The 700K comes equipped with John Deere’s V-Cool package. This system incorporates a cool on demand hydraulically driven fan that isolates coolers from dust and engine heat for increased efficiency and durability. An automatic hydraulic reversing fan is optional for all models.

For additional information and model-specific specifications on the new 550K, 650K and 700K, visit johndeere.com.

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