... Jee Ltd. to Present Pigging Webinar

Jee Ltd Announces Webinar to Share Expertise in Pigging

Independent subsea engineering and training company Jee Ltd will draw on its extensive pigging experience to host a webinar exploring the topic on March 13.

Paul Otway

Paul Otway

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Senior subsea engineer Paul Otway will present the webinar, focusing on “Best Practice for Management of Pipeline Integrity by Pigging in Complex Environments.”

“Pipeline integrity is extremely important in offshore projects and becomes increasingly critical as assets age,” Otway said. “To detect corrosion and improve the corrosion management systems to extend the lifespan of these pipelines, pigging is crucial, and choosing the right technology can save operators valuable time and money.”

Pipeline corrosion can have serious health and safety, environmental and operational effects, therefore it is imperative that offshore operators constantly monitor corrosion to determine the condition of pipelines. In-line inspection (ILI) pigging is a key tool in identifying the efficacy of pipeline management and the information provided can add years to the life of an ageing asset.

Designed to give an overview of ILI and its benefits, the webinar will examine how pipelines are pigged and discuss best practice in selection of appropriate methodologies for pipeline inspection.

Jee has global experience in a range of pigging operations including complex scenarios in deep water, multi-diameter lines and FPSO vessels. Otway was recognized for his work on ILI projects when he won the Subsea UK award in the category of Young Emerging Talent in 2013.

The webinar will take place online at 3 p.m. GMT. Interested participants can register online by visiting www.business-review-webinars.com.

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