... Pipeline Product Expo: Trenchers

Pipeline Product Expo: Trenchers

Bron-TR450TR450 Wheel Trencher

BRON is excited to add the new TR450 Wheel Trencher to its already extensive lineup of self-propelled utility tractors. Powered by a fuel-efficient Cummins QSX15 Tier-3i 15-litre engine rated at 450 hp at 1,800 rpm, and cooled by the proven BRON Tri-Core cooling package, it is designed to keep you working in even the most extreme climates.
The strong purpose built tractor frame conveniently locates the major components for a low centre-of-gravity and improved tractor weight distribution. An integrated self-leveling, side-tilt feature keeps the trench vertical while improving operator comfort and tractor stability. With a heavy-duty D5 undercarriage and optional track pad widths up to 36 in., the TR450 maintains low ground pressure.

Trenching wheels by BRON are available in varying widths to a depth of 8.5 ft; custom wheel sizes upon request. Bucket profiles able to carve a flat or radiused trench are followed by crumbers or chutes, leaving a smooth trowelled trench bottom. Oversized flange-bearings are used for the upper truck wheels, which are split to simplify servicing, keeping the wheel operating for maximum productivity.

A high-powered conveyor system can be offset to each side of the wheel, able to place the soil to either side of the trench. The strong sabres positioned over the conveyor to maximize bucket cleanout can absorb shock with their integral hydraulic springs.

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BRON is eager to actively promote the TR450, and has an excellent dealer relationship with Vermeer Canada throughout the country.

For more information, visit bronrwf.com.

Talon-TrencherTalon 508 Wheel Trencher

The Talon Model 508 wheel trencher features a Cat C-15 (500 hp) power plant which enables it handle the harshest trenching conditions. Even with the increased horse power, the 508 has an 80,000 lb. operating weight, which is 20,000 to 30,000 pounds less than similar products making transporting and permitting much easier.

The 508 is capable of trenching up to 8 ft deep with a width of 36 in. with the option of 48-in. wide buckets.

The 508 is equipped an IFM PLC controller and operator interface which monitors track and wheel pressures to allow the operator the ability to get the most from the 508 without jeopardizing reliability. The cab offers climate control and has a swivel seat for operator comfort.

For more information, visit talontrenchers.com.

Trencor-T1460T1460 Trencor Trencher

Trencor mechanical drive trenchers, like the T1460, offer a range of benefits. The most significant of these is increased torque, as more than 90 percent of the engine horsepower can be delivered to the cutting tool for increased productivity. The cutting tool tends to break out larger pieces of material due to the slow-moving digging tooth and design for high volume trenching.

A processor based load control system rapidly regulates the trencher and track speeds to maintain performance, reduce engine stalls and machine wear. All this while the machine’s high volume hydraulic system operates tracks, conveyor and boom lift to keep pumps and motors cooler. This makes them last longer and operate more efficiently.
In terms of safety protection, the location of the ISO rollover and crush test certified cab provides protection from trenching hazards and from the conveyor and trencher boom.

Optional equipment includes a crumb shoe, berm scrapers, automatic laser control for grade and steering, auxiliary truck loading conveyor and double
D-8 chain.

Trencor products are now manufactured in West Salem, Ohio, by American Augers.

For more information, visit americanaugers.com.

TEI-Eagle-6500Eagle Wheel Trenchers

Trenchers and Equipment Inc.’s (TEI) experience is unsurpassed in the industry, with more than
56 years of designing, manufacturing and using all types of trenching machines in all underground applications.
All of that experience is incorporated into the full line of Eagle Wheel Trenchers. Why wheel trenchers? Because they provide the fastest, cleanest and cheapest method of trenching.

Eagle Wheel Trenchers are heavy duty for reliable, high production trenching in most soil conditions. They are designed and manufactured in California using the latest 3-D CAD engineering software along with the most modern manufacturing techniques.

TEI offers nine models for: pipeline, utility, irrigation, drainage, cable, foundation and canal work. Eagles are GPS compatible, not only for automatic steering and grade control, but also for worldwide machine location, performance and maintenance monitoring.

For more information, visit trenchersandequipment.com.

Vermeer-T1155Vermeer 1155 Commander 3 Trencher

The Vermeer T1155 Commander 3 is ideal for rock trenching applications. Powered by a 540 hp (402.7 kW) turbocharged Caterpillar C15 ACERT Tier 3 engine, the T1155 has a chain speed range of 306 to 492 fpm (93.3 to 150 m/min), and a cutting width range of 28 to 42 inches (71.1 to 106.7 cm).

Equipped with the TEC Plus Electronic Control System, the T1155’s operating system can communicate with multiple control modules located throughout the machine for real-time performance data and advanced troubleshooting capabilities.

The T1155 has a rotary power trencher drive motor and splined headshaft that produces a lower speed and higher torque, resulting in superior ground penetration and low chain wear for better production results.

For increased operator comfort, the T1155 has an elevated rollover protective cab module (ROPM) made with LEXAN glass, filtered and pressurized air, heating and air conditioning. The cab’s vantage point gives the operator improved visibility of the boom, trench and conveyor.

To meet varying jobsite demands, the T1155 is available with boom depth options of 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 ft (2.4, 3, 3.7,
4.3 or 4.9 m).

For more information, visit vermeer.com.

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