... IntelliView Technologies Gets $1.5 Million Investment From Enbridge Inc. - North American Energy Pipelines

IntelliView Technologies Gets $1.5 Million Investment From Enbridge Inc.

Calgary, Alberta-based IntelliView Technologies has received a $1.5 million investment by a wholly owned subsidiary of Enbridge Inc. The investment will support the intelligent video equipment manufacturer’s continued development and deployment of its industry-leading pipeline leak detection solution.

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“We are pleased that Enbridge has recognized the potential of our solution to address risk in this important area,” said Bill Hews, IntelliView’s executive chairman. “We welcome their support and engagement as an investor as we drive forward with North American oil and gas carriers in the deployment of this technology.”

Employing multi-spectral sensors and proprietary video analytics, IntelliView’s solutions are scalable to small, medium and large sites and can be configured for a variety of environments such as river crossings and pump stations with outdoor, indoor and perimeter security.

“As a leader in the safe and reliable delivery of energy, Enbridge continues to invest in new technologies that are strategically aligned with the company’s interests and improve upon our existing practices,” said Chuck Szmurlo, vice president of alternative and emerging technology at Enbridge Inc. “IntelliView’s thermal camera technology is an innovative leak detection solution for our industry and Enbridge is pleased to be an investment partner.”

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