... Gas Technology Institute (GTI) Celebrating 75th Anniversary

GTI Celebrating 75 Years of Innovative Energy Solutions

gti-logoThe Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a leading research, development, and training organization addressing global energy and environmental challenges.

GTI has spent the last seven decades developing high-impact technologies and providing technical insight to unlock the potential of natural gas and other energy resources—making them economically and environmentally sustainable while reducing energy costs for consumers.

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The organization has achieved many successes over our prolific history, focusing on initiatives aligned with important national priorities. GTI has provided innovative solutions to critical challenges along the entire gas value chain, and improved the ways of producing, transporting, and using energy to benefit the general public.

R&D projects through the decades have expanded the supply and reduced the environmental footprint of unconventional gas production. Cleaner ways to use abundant coal resources have been generated and brought to market through GTI-patented processes. Groundbreaking efforts to convert wood into renewable “drop-in” gasoline in GTI’s integrated biorefinery have resulted in a sustainable biofuel with 74 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum-based fuel.

GTI has a solid reputation for developing gas distribution tools and technologies that reduce energy delivery costs. Experts have created a wealth of solutions to enhance the safety and integrity of our nation’s vast pipeline infrastructure and target critical global methane emissions issues.

Promoting the clean and efficient use of energy resources across all end use markets—residential/commercial, industrial, power generation, and alternative compressed natural gas and hydrogen transportation—and contributing to the progress of U.S. green building practices are among our important contributions. GTI is developing a portfolio of affordable equipment and appliances with reduced energy consumption and emissions, which will contribute to improving air quality for decades to come.

“As we reflect on the past, we are proud of our significant achievements and legacy of natural gas industry leadership. Going forward, we will continue our efforts to create a versatile portfolio of energy options, providing a solid foundation for both a healthy economy and a clean planet,” says David Carroll, GTI president and CEO. “Our team will develop innovative new technologies and deliver high-value products and services that create value for our customers and society to the marketplace. Together, we are working to deliver solutions for a bright energy future.”

To learn more about GTI’s specific innovations and accomplishments, view the digital timeline at timeline.gastechnology.org.

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