... Grieve Pipeline Launches Binding Open Season for Wyoming Pipeline

Grieve Pipeline Launches Binding Open Season

A subsidiary of Elk Petroleum Inc. is seeking interest in a new crude oil pipeline in east-central Wyoming. Grieve Pipeline LLC announced a binding open season on March 8 that solicits long-term commitments from shippers for firm transportation capacity on a that interconnects with the Platte Pipeline Station in Mountain View, Wyoming.

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The pipeline’s mainline consists of 32.44 miles of 8-in. pipe, which begins at Grieve Station, the receipt point for the Grieve Field oil production, and terminates at the Platte Station, operated by Spectra Energy Partners LP. The station is a hub located to the west of Casper, Wyoming, where crude can be directed to in-state refining or transferred to interstate pipelines or rail for delivery outside Wyoming. The pipeline will have a capacity of approximately 12,000 barrels per day (bpd).

Grieve Pipeline is conducting the binding open season to obtain long-term volume commitments for firm transportation capacity on the pipeline. The open season provides an opportunity for interested shippers to acquire long-term firm capacity as a Committed Firm Shipper, under a dedicated acreage commitment. The pipeline is expected to commence full commercial operations by Jan. 1, 2018.

The open season began March 8 and ends April 14. All bids must be submitted to the Grieve Pipeline representative listed below by 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on or before April 14. Bona fide prospective shippers may obtain copies of the Transportation Service Agreement, as well as the proposed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission tariffs (the “Confidential Open Season Documents”), by contacting the company. Grieve Pipeline requires a prospective shipper to execute a Confidentiality Agreement prior to delivery of these documents. More information concerning the pipeline and the binding open season is available by contacting the representative below:

Elk Petroleum Inc.
1600 Broadway
Suite 1720
Denver, CO 80202
Attn: Grieve Pipeline Open Season – Scott Hornafius
Phone: (720) 744-4884
Email: scott.hornafius@elkpet.com

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