... Graco Unveils Injection Pumps for Oil, Natural Gas Market

Graco Unveils Injection Pumps for Oil, Natural Gas Market

Graco Inc. is launching a new line of chemical injection equipment for use in the midstream and upstream sectors of the oil and natural gas markets.

This new, internally designed and developed product line includes highly durable pumps, technologically advanced controllers and accessories to dispense, control and monitor numerous chemical fluids used to keep oil and natural gas pipelines and wellheads flowing freely in most operating and weather conditions, according an Aug. 11 announcement.

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“Graco’s line of chemical injection equipment is the next phase in the company’s strategic plan to expand its presence in the oil and natural gas market space,” said Chuck Rescorla, vice president of corporate manufacturing and corporate development.

The AC and DC Wolverine pump line includes hundreds of variations of solar-operated and electrically-operated pumps and packages to meet the needs of operators primarily in the upstream and midstream oil exploration markets. Wolverine chemical injection pumps reduce atmospheric emissions while providing a greater level of flow control when used with Graco injection rate controllers. Designed with durability in mind, these injection pumps feature newly designed pump lowers whose sealing capability can last up to 25 times longer than many other designs on the market.

The pneumatically operated Python lineup of chemical injection pumps includes numerous configurations of models to accommodate the pressure and volume requirements often experienced in the upstream and midstream industry. Python pumps are ideal for applications in tough environments and can operate from regulated natural gas or compressed air. The Python line offers lower costs of ownership, they are easy to operate and use half the air consumption of many other comparable pumps in the market. They feature extremely rugged internal components and timing valves designed for years of operation before replacement.

Graco’s Harrier line of controllers offer new capabilities to monitor chemical injection pump units in the field from remote locations. Among their many advantages, the Harrier line provides substantial operational cost savings as well as access to accurate and immediate operational data. The new Harrier controllers are affordable and will work with Graco’s new chemical injection pumps as well as competitive offerings, providing the end user an opportunity to upgrade existing systems already in the field.

Graco recently acquired two well-known international brands in the oil and natural gas market: Alco Valves Group and High Pressure Equipment Co. Combined with its organically developed offerings, such as the chemical injector suite of products, Graco now has a well-rounded product portfolio to serve the needs of oil and natural gas customers worldwide.

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