... EV Launches New Video Product

EV Launches IVC Product (Video)

Francis Neill, EV CEO

Francis Neill, EV CEO

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EV, a specialist in downhole video technology, has launched its IVC (Integrated Video Caliper) product to the well intervention market, which provides real-time answers to well integrity issues.
Following two years of development and extensive, successful field trials in Canada, the innovative technology has been launched globally. IVC integrates market leading qualitative and quantitative sensors in a single electric line tool string to enable oil and gas operators to diagnose issues in the well instantaneously.
“Launching the IVC underpins our position as market leader in downhole video technology. At a logging speed of 10 m per minute, IVC has an industry leading consistent vertical resolution of 3mm,” says Francis Neill, EV CEO. When utilized, the product plays a vital role in the diagnosis of global assets meaning clients can identify and repair problems quickly, saving time, money and reducing risk in the recovery of assets.
IVC is based around EV’s proprietary telemetry, which transmits data at up to speeds of 300 kbps on a mono-conductor electric line, more than three times that of industry standard systems. Using the high data rate capability, EV joins streaming color video with multi-finger caliper measurements to deliver a true diagnosis tool. (See a video of the IVC in action below)
While running in the well, EV’s Optis HD e-line camera provides an overview of the well jewelry and features. Both downview and sideview colour cameras stream video at up to 25 frames per second, making it preferable for assessing corrosion in pitting and holes.
Once at the bottom of the completion, the 24 arm multifinger caliper is opened to provide a quantitative assessment in tubulars from 2 3/8 in. to 7 in.
Having achieved 109 percent increase in sales over the past three years, EV was placed in 18th position in The 2014 Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table, which ranks Britain’s private tech (TMT) with the fastest growing sales.
“We have achieved significant growth this year and we now operate in 25 countries worldwide, being ranked in 18th position in the Tech Track 100 league table further adds to our recent achievements, and we are proud to have achieved such a high rating amongst a number of emerging UK technology brands,” Neill says. “We continue to invest heavily into the research and development of our technology to provide clients with a range of options to surpass varying requirements.”
EV is the market leader in downhole video applications and, earlier this year, was awarded The Queen’s Awards for Business Enterprise, which is bestowed to UK businesses demonstrating outstanding achievement in the categories of innovation, international trade and sustainable developments.
EV operates in more than 25 countries and has 17 worldwide bases including Canada, Alaska, the Middle East and South East Asia and continues to grow globally.

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