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U.S. Energy Boom Provides Dynamic New Investment Opportunities

The U.S. is suddenly awash in crude oil, and Brandon Cox, founder and CEO of Pipeline Oil & Gas LLC, offers incredible investment opportunities via a unique “fix n’ flip” approach that provides a clear cut strategy while maximizing profit.

Pipeline Oil & Gas relentlessly pursues its commitment to excellence in identifying and securing best of breed oil and gas projects for its investors. The company and its clients and are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the modern day oil revolution.

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USA Today reported in February 2014 that U.S. imports fell sharply again in 2013 (by 9 percent, to 2.8 billion barrels, lowest since 1995) while petroleum exports rose, leading some analysts to proclaim that a new era of energy independence is just a few years away. Experts largely credit new drilling techniques that have unearthed vast troves of previously inaccessible oil embedded in shale deposits in states such as North Dakota and Texas.

In the attempt to stay ahead of the curve, Cox launched his Phoenix-based energy company several years ago when an investment opportunity in Texas that went south opened his eyes to the reality that there were thousands of underperforming oil fields across the southern United States.

Armed with a plan to make sure friends who invested in the Texas project didn’t lose money, he invested in projects in Kansas that yielded a few million dollars in equity.

“I then transferred the Texas project investments of my friends to the Kansas project in which I had more control,” Cox said. “I gave $2 million of my equity interest in the Kansas projects to not only make them whole, but double their money.”

Cox’s success and his increasing understanding of the oil business and its marketing and investing opportunities inspired the formal creation of Pipeline Oil & Gas. The company is set for its biggest year in 2014 and Cox says he would like to turn it into a billion dollar business over the next seven years or less.

For the past four years, Cox has also been the host of “Crude Awakenings,” a financial news talk radio show on Money Radio 1510 AM (KFNN) in Phoenix. His show focuses on U.S. domestic oil and gas markets and direct participation oil and gas investment opportunities for accredited investors.

Driven by its founding mission to offer unique alternative investments, the Pipeline Oil & Gas identifies, acquires and develops underperforming and undervalued oil and gas properties. The company uses proprietary logging technology that helps them target valuable drilling sites with a high degree of accuracy. The sites are often in fields where production was once profitable but later declined, typically because the older technology and outdated well infrastructure did not allow complete extraction of all available oil and gas.

While much of the excitement in the oil industry is based around North Dakota, Pipeline Oil & Gas has wells in Texas, Kansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. At one time, these sites produced millions of barrels of oil. In some, such as the salt dome fields on the Gulf Coast, an estimated 80 percent of total reserves still remain.

Re-engineering old wells or drilling new ones to maximize production, they increase the value of a specific location and turn them into highly productive and strong cash-flowing assets. They then have an option to flip them in less than 24 months to larger oil companies and institutional banking firms. One of the biggest selling points of working with Pipeline Oil & Gas is superior tax advantages. By investing directly in oil and gas production, they receive two major tax deductions. The U.S. Tax Code allows oil and gas investors to write off up to 85 percent of their investment in the first year (restrictions apply).

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