... Enbridge’s Line 9B Reversal to Create Jobs in Ontario

Enbridge’s Line 9B Reversal to Create Jobs in Ontario

With the Canadian National Energy Board (NEB) continuing its hearings on Enbridge’s proposal to reverse the flow of Line 9B, TDT Crews Ltd. is urging Ontarians to support the project because of the economic benefits and job opportunities the project would bring to Ontario workers.

TDT Crews, based in Hamilton, Ontario, provides work-ready labor crews for infrastructure projects across Canada. The company submitted a letter of comment to the NEB in support of the project because Line 9B could help get more Ontarians working in Canada’s energy sector here in the province.

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“Job prospects from Ontario pipeline projects are great for Ontario workers who would otherwise have to travel to Western Canada to apply their skill sets,” said Todd Clyde, chief operating officer of TDT Crews. “Now these energy projects are right here in our backyard.”

Beyond the jobs associated with pipeline maintenance and construction, national pipeline projects that would bring Western Canadian oil to more domestic and international markets are important for keeping Canada’s energy sector strong and competitive. Having a growing national energy sector means more economic prosperity and jobs for Ontarians.

Most of the special interest groups that oppose the reversal of Line 9B do so because they ultimately want to shut down oil sands development in Alberta. These arguments often ignore the benefits of Canada’s oil sands to Ontario’s economy. Over the next quarter century, Alberta’s oil sands industry will spend $63 billion on goods and services from Ontario companies. By 2035, 7 percent of all jobs related to the oil sands will be in Ontario.

“Given the continuing decline of traditional manufacturing in the province, Ontario simply cannot afford to lose out on the job opportunities that will be created by opening up a new domestic market for Western Canadian oil in Ontario and Quebec,” Clyde said. “Canada has one of the most comprehensive environmental regulatory systems in the world and our skilled men and women work hard to ensure infrastructure projects are built safely and operate to the highest environmental and safety standards.”

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