... Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project Moving Forward

Line 3 Replacement Project Moving Forward

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, was in Morden, Manitoba, Aug. 16 for a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction of the Line 3 Replacement Project in Manitoba.

“Canada is a place where the environment and the economy go hand in hand and where projects that are in the national interest get built,” Sohi said. “The Line 3 Replacement Project creates economic benefits for Canadians and Americans while at the same time strengthening the energy network between Canada and the U.S.”

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The Line 3 Replacement project is the replacement of aging infrastructure — Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline between Hardisty, Alberta, and Gretna, Manitoba — and creates economic benefits for Canadians living in the communities by the pipeline while at the same time strengthening the energy relationship between Canada and the United States.

Newer, thicker and safer pipe is replacing the nearly 50-year-old pipeline, improving the safety and integrity of our energy network and ensuring we get our resources to market while protecting the environment.

This event marks an important milestone in the ongoing construction of the project. It involves the local community, creates partnerships and opportunity and represents jobs and new skills training for Indigenous peoples.

The project is also moving forward because of the Government of Canada’s investment in the co-developed Line 3 Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee. Indigenous peoples, alongside federal officials and the National Energy Board, will monitor construction and life-cycle activities to ensure this project moves forward in the right way: the safest and most sustainable way possible. This includes ongoing monitoring via a 24-hour computerized monitoring system and routine inspections, once operational.

This project generates significant economic benefits, including the creation of thousands of jobs on both sides of the Canada–U.S. border. The Government of Canada’s approach to resource development is one that will grow our economy, create middle-class jobs and protect the environment. These priorities go hand in hand.

“Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Program generates jobs, financial spinoffs and business opportunities for local communities along the construction right of way in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota,” said Leo Golden, vice president Line 3 Project execution, Enbridge. “We’re particularly proud to report that the project has already created more than $120 million in Indigenous economic opportunities and we expect that to more than double upon completion of construction.”

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Providing a stable, effective regulatory regime to approve and oversee pipeline operations is integral to safeguarding the environment, while supporting projects in the national interest that create good jobs, strengthen and grow the middle class and help get Canada’s resources to world markets will deliver economic benefits for all Canadians.

The Government of Canada approved the Line 3 Replacement Project in November 2016, subject to 37 conditions and informed by the National Energy Board’s recommendation report, an assessment of upstream greenhouse gas emissions, public views and enhanced consultations undertaken with potentially impacted First Nations and Métis communities.

In the United States, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved an application by Enbridge for a certificate of need and a route for the Line 3 Replacement Project on June 29, 2018. This approval was granted after over three years of review, consultations with communities and formal hearings.

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