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Ellingson Celebrates 50 Years in Business

Ellingson is an independent water- and infrastructure-management company providing safe, technology-driven construction planning, design and installation services. Working across agricultural fields and construction sites to oil fields and wind farms, the company is driven to deliver solutions that push the limits of what’s possible for their clients, all while having the same customer-focused values and work ethic it was founded upon 50 years ago.

“I can’t say enough about the dedication our employees have given to the Ellingson family,” said Derrik Ellingson, Ellingson vice president. “They always knuckle down and get the work done that we have been so blessed to install for our customers.”

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The company’s roots date back to 1970 when it focused on the design and installation of farm drainage projects, a space where it has since become an industry leader. Over the next 20-plus years Ellingson worked on streamlining this “Design-Build” concept even before it became a mainstream construction term. In its first 30 years, the company experienced significant growth, both in size and diversification, which led into the “trenchless age.”

In the last 20 years, Ellingson has worked to expand its trenchless solutions business and continues to grow its ag business, especially in the Red River Valley. The company began offering pipe relining with the advanced Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) technology and recently acquired Direct Technology Drilling, adding industry-leading environmental remediation capabilities to the company’s growing portfolio of trenchless construction services.

As Ellingson looks ahead at the next 50 years, the company is set on expanding into new markets with existing services and growing its technology group and offerings. Currently, Ellingson’s Technology and Engineering division is in the process of developing new, proprietary technology solutions for ag and construction markets to ensure they are continuing to best meet their customer’s needs and help them better manage their businesses.

“Our boots on the ground employees work closely with our innovative technology team, setting our company up for success as we look ahead at the next 50 years,” said Jeremy Ellingson, Ellingson chief operating officer.


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