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Editor’s Message: YPP Taking Care of the Pipeline Industry

My first encounter with the Young Pipeline Professionals (YPP USA) came in 2016. I had known Molly Laughlin Doran as an industry contact for North American Oil & Gas Pipelines and later learned of her involvement with the YPP. That conversation eventually led to inviting the group to participate in that year’s Pipeline Leadership Conference in Denver.

Each year since then, it seemed like the YPP would branch out, having a larger presence at industry events and hosting its own events. The YPP has also continued to participate in the Pipeline Leadership Conference for the last three years, providing engaging presentations.

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The mission of the YPP is clear and crucial: “To prepare ourselves to accept the transfer of duty of care for the pipeline industry.” We all know about the challenges facing the industry when it comes to its aging workforce. There are scores of knowledgeable veterans on the precipice of retirement, and the YPP wants to make sure their knowledge isn’t lost when they step away from their career.

The YPP is dedicated to educating its members to prepare them to take the reins from their older counterparts, but it also seeks to educate executives and managers about the benefits of the YPP for their younger employees.

“We try to get managers to understand what we’re about,” Laughlin Doran said. “We’re a real organization, we’ve been around a little while and we’re trying to help the industry.”

With the older generation retiring, YPP members are receiving more responsibility at their jobs.

“We need to expose ourselves to as many areas of the industry as we can,” Laughlin Doran said. “The YPP offers all kinds of training and hands-on opportunities that members may not get elsewhere.”

The YPP has continued to add webinars and field trips to the list of events it hosts. In September 2017, the group hosted the first YPP Symposium. The event is currently on an 18-month cycle, with the second YPP Symposium occurring in March this year.

It has been exciting watching the YPP grow. With its fifth anniversary fast approaching, it seemed like a perfect time to feature the group as this issue’s cover story. Since its founding in 2015, the YPP has grown from 25 members to more than 200, although Laughlin Doran added that more than 400 have been members in the last five years, as some have aged out and new members have joined. I hope you enjoy their story.

Brad Kramer | Managing Editor
bkramer@benjaminmedia.com Twitter: @NAOGP1

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