... DuPont, SnS Provide Water Treatment in Oil, Gas Production

DuPont, SnS to Provide Water Treatment in Oil, Gas Production

DuPont Water Technologies and SnS Resources Inc. are working to improve water treatment in the oil and gas sector. The companies announced June 24 a strategic agreement that will provide oil and gas producers with access to efficient solutions for effective water treatment. The agreement authorizes SnS Resources the ability to implement the DuPont Partner Program within the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The DuPont Partner Program offers effective chlorine dioxide chemicals, customized equipment, recognized training programs and expert technical services to the oil and gas market for upstream and midstream applications. Partnership of these two organizations will offer the oil and gas market and companies in the field of water management strategies to meet production demands at a valued price point in addition to offering important environmental and safety benefits.

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“SnS Resources believes that this partnership is the perfect fit to strengthen the future goals of both organizations and to better serve oil and gas producers,” said SnS president Mark Schaffitzel. “DuPont Water Technologies offers our company the technology, safety and environmental knowledge that we believe is the differentiator for success in today’s water treatment industry. SnS Resources offers DuPont continued market expansion through our safe chlorine dioxide water treatment process currently accessible by mobile trailer service sites throughout the Midwest and other nearby states.”

For more than 60 years, DuPont Water Technologies has been setting new standards in chlorine dioxide technology to treat water in municipal drinking water, food processing and industrial cooling applications. In the oil and gas industry, that same proven technology is now being used to treat process water and prevent bacterial growth and other organisms to maximize the performance efficiency of wells and minimize issues such as souring, fouling and corrosion. Patented DuPont Oxychlor precursor generators are fitted within SnS Resources mobile trailers to offer precise dosage of chemical, requiring the use of smaller quantities of biocide within a safe process, as compared to other treatment offerings.

“Our partnership with SnS Resources will give DuPont direct access to data, testing and product and equipment development in the field, and ultimately will enable us to better meet needs in the oil and gas industry,” said Bill King, North America sales manager for DuPont Water Technologies. “As SnS Resources uses chlorine dioxide as a biocide at [oil and gas] sites around the country, DuPont will receive knowledge and valuable customer feedback to drive new advancements in the market. SnS in turn will have access to DuPont application resources and technical expertise. We will work together as a team to support customer sites and solve challenges in the field.”

SnS Resources also benefits from the DuPont Water Technologies’ “Train the Trainer” program. This module-based, three-day training program, led by DuPont Water Technologies’ expert field technical team, provides SnS operators with a foundation for water treatment applications.

“SnS Resources, like DuPont Water Technologies, looks forward in thinking, design and execution,” said Brandon Bischoff, business development manager, DuPont Water Technologies. “They continuously look for different ways to do things and adapt quickly to take advantage of changing market conditions – just like we do.”

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, SnS Resources is a high-growth company in the oil and gas industry. The company supplies products and technology to sites throughout the Midwest and beyond and prides itself on offering high performance, quality products to their customer base.

DuPont Water Technologies is a global supplier of chlorine dioxide technology, providing sodium chlorite, turnkey chlorine dioxide generation equipment and on-site application support. DuPont Water Technologies is part of The Chemours Co., a wholly-owned DuPont subsidiary that is on track to be spun off on July 1, creating an independent public company.

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