... Mobotix, Dover Energy Automation Create 'Sight Optmization'

Dover Energy Automation, MOBOTIX Team to Deliver Well-Site ‘Sight Optimization’ Solution

Dover Energy Automation logoMOBOTIX AG and Dover Energy Automation, an operating company within Dover Corp. announce that they have partnered to create the “Sight Optimization” solution for oil and gas well sites.

The partnership integrates MOBOTIX’s suite of smart cameras with Dover Energy Automation Production Optimization’s XSPOC artificial-lift optimization software platform.

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The partnership between Dover Energy Automation and MOBOTIX creates a comprehensive well-site surveillance solution that offers scalability, analytics and efficient data management. The powerful xVision module within Dover Energy Automation’s XSPOC artificial-lift optimization software integrates audio/video feeds and detection events from MOBOTIX’s line of smart IP cameras.

“Today, Dover Energy Automation took a critical step forward in enabling personnel to better optimize production by adding human senses to their optimization routines – sight and sound,” said Tim Marvel, vice president, Production Optimization, Dover Energy Automation. “This solution brings the wellsite to our customers’ fingertips, providing optimized production safely, securely and in an environmentally responsible way.”

The intelligent 3D motion detection, low-bandwidth, high-quality image capabilities of MOBOTIX’s smart IP and autonomous cameras, combined with the well-site artificial-lift intelligence built into Dover Energy Automation’s XSPOC optimization software, will allow production-optimization personnel to realize increased levels of situational well-site awareness, reduce “windshield time,” and streamline responses to well-site events and incidents.

“MOBOTIX is once again at the forefront of IIoT by leveraging decentralized concept and effective event logic for mission-critical industrial applications,” stated Mike Bomas, general manager, MOBOTIX Corp. “We are very excited to join forces and share technical expertise with Dover Energy Automation in a Strategic Partnership that enables proactive event-management tools within the XSPOC artificial-lift optimization software platform.”

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