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Dexter + Chaney Adds Job Compliance Tracking to Spectrum


Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum Construction Software has a new feature — Job Compliance Tracking — that helps manage the various levels of compliance items and other tasks related to construction projects.

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Those travelling to Puerto Rico for the Associated General Contractors’ of America’s 2015 AGC Technology and Construction Solutions Expo March 18-20 will get the first look at the software.

Building upon Dexter + Chaney’s document tracking and Document Imaging capabilities, Job Compliance Tracking provides Spectrum users with a single tool to effectively manage compliance documents. These include insurance certificates, owner liens, subcontractor liens, material liens, certified payroll reports, credit check documents, inspections, and other compliance tracking documentation.

Built into Spectrum, the Job Compliance Tracking features give contractors the ability to digitally manage all of their compliance-related tasks and documentation in one place. Alerts and automatic workflows ensure that compliance documents and tasks are always up to date, and that the work being done on projects is being done in full compliance of laws, regulations, and contractual agreements.

Job Compliance Tracking also ties into Spectrum’s Subcontractor Kiosk, a portal that expands access to Spectrum and allows vendors and subcontractors the ability to process billings, update compliance information, attach supporting documents using Spectrum Document Imaging’s simple drag-and-drop feature, and print activity and billing reports.

“Our clients have told us that much of their compliance tracking processes have been routinely handled using piece-meal methods like paper documents, spreadsheets, faxes and other ‘manual’ efforts. These methods have often proved to be problematic when compliance issues arise and documentation is needed quickly. We were asked if we could help,” said Spectrum Product Manager Geoff Falk. “Since we have already been a leader in document imaging and document tracking, it made sense to develop a complete job compliance and document tracking system within Spectrum as well. The feedback we’ve received on this so far has been outstanding.”

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