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December 2015 Pipeline Product Expo — Right of Way Equipment

Brown-Bear-CorpBrown Bear Corp.

Brown Bear Corp., manufactures a ditch padding attachment for trenches up to 24-in. wide as a tool for attachment to its line of tool carrier tractors available in 148, 190, 250 and 350 hp.

The Brown Bear ditch padding attachment is a patented design using a vibrating rotary drum screen that is fed by a discontinuous auger paddle design. This design pulverizes the fill before it enters the screen. This method of loading the screen produces more fine material that will pass through the vibrating and rotating drum screen. Various drum screening sizes will be available starting at 1 in. and larger.

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The drum screen is powered hydraulically from the Brown Bear tool carriers’ implement hydraulic system and is fully adjustable for speed and direction from the cabin by the operator. A fluted cleaning drum that counter rotates to the direction of the screening drum is equipped with flexible cleaning blades. The blades clean the spaces between the rotating screening bars. The round screen bars are covered with UHMW plastic tubes that rotate and resist clay sticking to them. The flexible cleaning blades clean the openings between the rotating plastic tubes allowing this screen to operate in moist clays that plug some vibrating flat bed screening systems.

For more information, visit brownbearcorp.com.

Epic-C330HOEpic Mfg.

Epic is proud to introduce its all-new C330HO. This machine features many innovative design features such as all hydraulic controls for the agitation system, spray pump and mulch grinder. It also includes Epic’s industry exclusive Engine Forward Design that removes the engine and it’s sensitive electronics from the wet end of the machine and relocates it to front of the slurry tank. This reduces cleaning maintenance and increases operator comfort by moving the engine noise, heat, vibration and exhaust fumes away from the operator area at the rear of the unit. This design makes it easier to service the engine via a platform at the front of the unit. All engine service points are on the front side of the engine making service access a breeze. The C330HO uses a Vortex Centrifugal pump that is capable of pumping thick slurries of the most difficult mulches up to 315 ft from the turret gun. This pump also reduces maintenance because it requires no adjustment whatsoever. In addition to these innovative standard features, most Epic C330HO units come equipped with popular options such as a stainless steel slurry tank, integral 100-gallon flush tank and hydraulic stainless steel mulch grinder.

For more information, visit epicmanufacturing.com.

Superior-MfgSuperior Mfg.

Superior Mfg. designs and builds several padding solutions to meet various challenges and working conditions. The SPD line has several features to ensure productivity even in the most challenging conditions. These features include: an oscillating cabin that ensures an unobstructed view of the ditch, a spill pan vibrator that allows screening of wet or sticky soil, the hydraulic escalator that allows padding in steep gradients and the adjustable dowel that controls the angle the dirt is thrown back into the ditch.

The two smallest padders, the SPD-150 and SPD-160, are remote-controlled and self-propelled. This is crucial on smaller jobs where space is limited. In addition, the SPD-160 is a top-loading padder. This system is ideal for soil conditions which would make front-loading feeding difficult, such as when soil is particularly wet or when there are sharp turns. European regulations also place a limit on the length of the open ditch. This makes this machine especially useful in such restrictive conditions.

Superior Mfg. is the manufacturing division of Worldwide Group, a family of companies servicing the energy, infrastructure and mining industries. The equipment is distributed by Worldwide Machinery Pipeline Division.

For more information, visit worldwidemachinery.com.

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