... DCA Holds 60th Annual Convention in Orlando

DCA Holds 60th Annual Convention in Orlando

The Distribution Contractors Association (DCA) held its 60th Annual Convention July 27-31 in Grande Lakes (Orlando), Florida. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the event from February to this summer. Turnout was amazing with more than 380 attendees that included more than 60 first timers. DCA’s membership continues to be quite strong with 92 contractor members and 129 associate members.

DCA Convention Build-a-Bike
The DCA held a Build-a-Bike competition, aimed at providing bicycles to underprivileged kids in the Orlando area affiliated with the After-School All-Stars and Latino Leadership organizations. Teams competed for the most bikes built.

The meeting continued the tradition of the annual education auction with Ritchie Bros again participating as the auctioneers. The auction raised more than $560,000, which was amazing considering all that is going on regarding COVID-19.

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All the standing committees met with noteworthy highlights. A Strategic Vision Committee was established to set a strategy for the next 3 to 5 years for DCA. Considering the current situation in the gas industry, the Government Relations Committee continues to participate in an ad hoc coalition working at a state-level to support “fuel choice” legislation and oppose restrictive measures that would limit access to natural gas through mandated electrification.

One of the numerous programs at the convention included Build-a-Bike. The attendees built approximately 70 bikes that were donated to local organizations: After-School All Stars and Latino Leadership. About 20 to 24 kids came to the convention to pick up a bike and take it home. The remaining bikes were shipped to the organizations. It is very difficult to buy a bike in this economy, so this was very generous of DCA.

DCA Convention 2021 Board of Directors
The DCA Board of Directors will remain the same in 2021 due to the disruption of the pandemic.

Ben Nelson, Michels Pacific Energy continued as the 2021 DCA president. Likewise, the Board of Directors all kept their positions. It was decided to keep everybody in place considering what has transpired with the COVID-19 situation.

Going forward, the DCA plans to return to its regular event schedule, barring any new surprises from COVID-19. The Fall Meeting will be held Oct. 27-29, at the Four Seasons in Denver, Colorado. The next DCA Annual Convention is scheduled for Feb. 28 to March 5, 2022. For updates regarding the events, visit dcaweb.org.

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