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New Software Solution for Energy Industry from Ikon Science Enhances Collaboration

Ikon Science has launched Curate, a new software solution to streamline workflows and enable collaboration for energy companies to manage assets.

UK-based Ikon Science is a 20-year-old global provider of geoprediction and knowledge management software and services. The company on May 24 announced the availability of Curate, a scalable, cloud-enabled knowledge management solution designed to provide cost efficiencies along with faster and more accurate decision making.

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Curate enables energy companies to collaborate within a single workspace to access all subsurface data with streamlined workflows, allowing for data democratization and business learnings that drive action. The solftware helps companies accelerate exploration, minimize portfolio risk, and optimize well planning and drilling activities, achieving greater results while preserving capital and human resources to create a stronger bottom line.

Energy companies are challenged to navigate the large amounts of complex data they possess as it is often siloed within different departments and software programs. This inefficiency causes 20 to 30 percent in lost personnel time. The inability to instantly access data leads to isolated workflows, poor utilization, and compromised decision-making resulting in locked in capital and delayed revenue due to sub-optimal exploration, appraisal and development processes.

Curate solves this dilemma by providing  instant access to subsurface information, limitless performance and a unique ability to leverage specialist knowledge in wider workflows.  It provides tight integration with legacy databases and open industry standards such as the OSDU data platform, enhancing the ability of organizations to consistently build on existing knowledge through workflow applications and streamlined processes. This allows companies to achieve better business outcomes by realizing efficiency gains across all exploration, appraisal and development workflows.  Curate provides companies the flexibility of deploying scalable solutions from SaaS delivery through to Enterprise deployment.

“It’s imperative for energy companies to identify new ways to increase efficiencies and minimize risk,” stated Dr. Denis Saussus, CEO of Ikon Science. “Curate leverages our 20 years of unrivaled subsurface data solution expertise to allow companies to realize the promise and full potential of digital transformation by enabling them to immediately capitalize on the value of their data today with an enterprise-ready solution while preserving human resources and capital. This creates a powerful competitive advantage.”

For more information and a demonstration, visit www.ikonscience.com.

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