... CSNRI, Inductosense Partnership to Improve Pipeline Integrity

CSNRI, Inductosense Partnership to Improve Pipeline Integrity

CSNRI has partnered Inductosense Ltd., a leading monitoring company, to improve integrity management for repaired pipelines.

According to an Aug. 8 announcement, the partnership between the two companies will provide pipeline operators with an enhanced pipe integrity solution for monitoring wall thickness under a composite wrap.

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CSNRI composite repairs are installed to provide structural reinforcement for significantly corroded and thinned pipes, after which inspecting the remaining wall thickness on the pipe can become challenging. CSNRI has partnered with ​​​Inductosense to enable the asset owner to monitor any wall loss at critical points in the pipe. 

The Inductosense Wireless and Non-Destructive (WAND) sensors can be installed under certain CSNRI composite wraps allowing for wall thickness monitoring without the need for removal or re-installation of the composite, saving the customer time and money.

The Inductosense WAND system uses inductive coupling to engage a wireless, battery-free sensor to make ultrasonic measurements on a structure. The system hardware consists of two main parts: sensors, which can be embedded under a composite wrap repair system, and the WAND data collector device. The WAND system can be used to acquire ultrasonic thickness data cost effectively in remote and hard-to-reach areas. Each sensor has its own unique RFID signature. The RFID-tagged measurement data is managed through Inductosense’s iDART software, which can determine a corrosion rate based on the historical measurements gathered by the WAND system.

To learn more, review CSNRI’s recent case study, titled “Composite Repairs with Embedded Thickness Monitoring Technology.” The company is also hosting a TEC talk on Sept. 12 and 14 regarding this subject.

CSNRI is a world-leading manufacturer of highly innovative, engineered, composite products for the repair and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure. Visit the CSNRI website at cs-nri.com for more information on the company’s full range of composite solutions for transmission lines and process piping.

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