... CS Unitec Offering New Pipe Cutting Machine

CS Unitec Offering Single Lightweight, Portable Pipe Cutting Machine

CS UnitecCS Unitec’s new pipe cutting machine cuts and bevels pipe from 12- to 63-in. diameter with a wall thickness from ¼ to 2-in.

This 2-speed, pneumatic machine operates at 1,800 RPM for cutting and 350 RPM for low-speed/high-torque beveling. Model 5 8002 7000 cuts ductile iron, non-ferrous metal, PVC, plastic, cement pipe and more.

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This versatile machine also bevels 45-, 60- and 90-degree angles with optional blades for on-site weld preparation. The pipe cutting machine uses 77 CFM air volume at 90 PSI air pressure and weighs 28 lbs. for easy portability.

ATEX Certified under Class II 2 GcT6, the tool can be used in industrial zones where flammable gas, vapor, mist and dust may be present and where surface temperatures do not exceed 185 F/85C. The machine’s ATEX classification and durability make it perfectly suited for use in refinery, offshore oil, marine, petrochemical, power generation, industrial plant maintenance, pipe line construction and demolition applications.

The pipe cutting machines feature a 7-in. blade – carbide tipped or diamond coated (sold separately) – with blade guard, adjustable cutting depth and water connection for cooling the blade. The machine is guided manually with the hand lever feed to make a 360 degree cut in the pipe. The guide chain can be adjusted by adding and removing chain links.

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