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CRC-Evans Introduces New M-400 Welding System

A new welding system from CRC-Evans Pipeline International Inc. offers end-users a lightweight and versatile package for pipeline applications.CRC Evans M-400, Frontal RESIZED

The new M-400 Welding System is a multi-process, multi-power source, on-board wire feed, single-torch system that provides the same range and functionality of previous systems, while reducing overall weight by 25 percent. The M-400 also includes a new offset oscillator, offering its operator an unprecedented view of the arc and the ability to deposit automated fillet welds. CRC-Evan’s top engineers have built software tracking into the welding parameters, allowing operators to recall exactly what versions of software were used for each weld.

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“The M-400 Welding System is revolutionary on every front,” said Shankar Rajagopalan, chief technology officer, Advanced Technology Division at CRC-Evans. “It’s a single, multi-process system for all needs, ensuring consistent, high-quality welds with minimum effort and maximum flexibility.”

The M-400 system can be adapted to weld flux core, inner-shield, STT and GMAW with minimal mechanical changes to the bug. It is capable of welding all layers, from root to cap, using STT process for the root and GMAW, FCAW or inner-shield for the remaining layers. The advanced technology also offers CRC-Evans’ innovative through-the-arc tracking as an option, which maintains the arc in the center of the weld seam and the optimum tip-to-work distance, ensuring uniform, high-quality welds.

The system includes a significantly redesigned, lightweight Pendant feature, which includes a large-format color display. The Pendant not only operates the M-400 system, but its display relays multiple levels of information including real time data of essential parameters and allows the adjustment of parameters without the need to plug in a laptop or PDA.

Additionally, CRC-Evans’ new M-400 Welding System provides the following features and benefits:

  • New, lightweight design improves ergonomics.
  • Position based welding around the circumference of the pipe.
  • Flexibility of all the weld passes with independent weld process per pass.
  • Swing-tip cleaning allows for easier maintenance and increased output.
  • Center-torch designs and ambidextrous carriage eliminates need for a clockwise and counterclockwise configuration.

For more information on the new M-400 Welding System, and for details on CRC-Evans’ wide array of pipeline construction products and services, visit www.crc-evans.com.

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