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BitStew-MIx-Director---Map-with-Popup-chart2_cmykBit Stew Systems MIx Core Platform

Bit Stew has built the premier platform for handling complex data integration, data analysis and predictive automation for connected devices on the Industrial Internet. Through data-driven automation, Bit Stew Systems removes the complexity of industrial operations and connected machines to give clarity and control back
to operations.

Bit Stew’s MIx Core platform and MIx Director Suite applications unify billions of traditionally siloed data points across industrial environments to give operators and engineers a single, integrated view of their operations, assets and communication networks. By leveraging its deep experience helping utilities turn their complex and disparate data sources into actionable intelligence, Bit Stew is uniquely positioned to help oil and gas companies realize their vision of the digital oil field of tomorrow.

Purpose-built for the Industrial Internet, Bit Stew’s MIx Core platform automates data ingestion, applies machine intelligence to learn patterns in the data, allowing industrial companies to discover actionable insights that optimize operational performance. The platform automates complex data ingestion and applies machine learning to data analysis to achieve predictive automation for connected devices on the Industrial Internet. Established on the trillions of data points analyzed throughout industrial markets, MIx Core strengthens its foundation with three workbenches that bring an Industrial Data Library to Bit Stew customers, including – Data Management, Information Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

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Bit Stew’s MIx Director Suite runs on the MIx Core platform to form a seamlessly integrated set of complete solutions for Network Communications Management, Industrial Control Analysis, Enterprise System Analysis and other critical functions necessary for the Industrial Internet.

Bit Stew’s MIx Developer Network (MDN) is a collaborative environment that provides our customers and partners access to tools, technologies and support they need to extend the MIx Core platform by building their own custom applications. Developers from Bit Stew customer and partner sites can join the MDN community to create packaged applications tailored to their own use cases and needs. These developers can own their Intellectual Property, for which Bit Stew will promote and incubate development to expand the use of the MIx Core platform.

For more information, visit bitstew.com.

Dexter-Chaney-equip-mgmt-tabletDexter + Chaney Spectrum Equipment Management

Equipment can represent one of your company’s biggest capital investments. Realizing even a small margin of additional efficiency or return on investment can have a very significant investment on your bottom line. Spectrum Equipment Management, allows you to streamline all of your equipment and fleet tracking, maintenance, and management costs with one easy-to-use platform.

Equipment owning and operating costs are two very different functions, but both equally important to your bottom line. With Spectrum, you can understand and effectively manage both. Accurately assign these costs to the jobs where they belong, improving the accuracy of job costing and helping you create more accurate estimates. This allows you to create benchmarks so that you know how much it really costs to operate your fleet.

Spectrum Equipment Management allows equipment managers to optimize fleet deployment and usage, including monitoring machine age, how often equipment is used and for what types of jobs, maintenance, repairs and more. Powerful resource scheduling functionality allows you to stay on top of equipment distribution in real time and properly allocate resources.

Streamline preventative maintenance with detailed history on all of your equipment and keep track of scheduled maintenance tasks. The intuitive Equipment Field Entry mobile app collects and analyzes equipment data in the field, including odometer readings, usage hours and fuel transactions and consumption.

Spectrum helps you stay in the equipment management sweet spot by giving you the ability to combine the owning and operating costs of your equipment to identify when a machine has outlived its useful life in your fleet and should be replaced. Spectrum helps you optimize the average age and ROI of your fleet. Spectrum Equipment Management keeps your equipment — and projects — moving.

For more information, visit dexterchaney.com.

HCSS-Mobile-Phone-Time-Card-AppHCSS HeavyJob Mobile Time Card App

Construction software developer HCSS offers a mobile phone time card to its selection of mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets. From the makers of HeavyBid construction estimating software and HeavyJob field management software, the mobile phone time card app allows foremen and superintendents in the field to enter time and see job production data on their “always on, always close-by” smartphone.

With the HeavyJob mobile phone time card app, foremen and superintendents can enter time for workers and equipment, enter quantities and write notes for cost codes, as well as mark work for T&M. The time card app is ideal for individuals or small crews like truck drivers or flagging crews who may not be issued a laptop and also for larger crews who may prefer a mobile device to laptops.

Many crews work in remote locations where cell service may not exist, but that shouldn’t mean they can’t still be productive. The HeavyJob time card app will still work in those remote areas, and it will store any entered data until the device is within cellular coverage or a Wi-Fi network.

The time card app is just one of many mobile apps offered as supplements to HCSS HeavyJob and HeavyBid. Those include a photo app, which allows field employees to snap job site photos and send them immediately to the office; a daily diary entry app, and an estimating app used to cost estimate, perform markup and pricing and even collect signatures on the go.

With the mobile platforms, contractors are not limited to working on a single device. A foreman may begin entering his time card from a laptop in his truck, add quantities or take photos while standing at the site from his phone or tablet, while the project manager reviews job information back at an office desktop. This will allow companies to take a “right device, right person” approach.

For more information, visit hcss.com/apps.

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