... Companies Test New PRCI Technology Development Center

Companies Test New PRCI Houston Technology Development Center

Before most performances, there’s a dress rehearsal — a full-scale opportunity for the cast to perfect their roles and work out any trouble spots.

PRCI Technology Development Center Pull-Test Facility. (Image © PRCI 2015)

PRCI Technology Development Center Pull-Test Facility. (Image © PRCI 2015)

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Ahead of the July 15 grand opening of the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) Technology Development Center (TDC) in Houston, global pipeline solutions provider T.D. Williamson (TDW) joined several technology providers and PRCI members to help set the stage for better industry-wide safety results by participating in a dress rehearsal of sorts, performing multiple pull-tests at the commissioning of the TDC’s state-of-the-art pull-test facility.

According to Chuck Harris, TDW manager of strategic commercialization, the TDC represents a major commitment by the pipeline industry to address key issues around safety and integrity, particularly in regard to inline inspection (ILI).

“The TDC pull-test facility will initially be utilized to help industry understand the current state of ILI technology,” Harris said. “Furthermore, access to pipe containing complex defect geometries and configurations will help identify potential gaps in existing technologies and may be used to help develop service provider technology advancements.”

TDW completed three tests, pulling a 16-in. cleaning pig once and a 16-in. inspection tool that combined deformation and magnetic flux leakage (DEF+MFL) capabilities twice. Because this was only a trial, the tools were not turned on and no data was collected.

Harris called the opening of PRCI’s Technology Development Center an important step for the oil and gas industry as it continually strives to ensure the safety of workers and the communities in which it operates.

TDW will also be on hand at the TDC grand opening, providing demonstrations of advanced integrity technologies. And it anticipates being involved in future pull-test facility trials scheduled for the fall.

“The new PRCI TDC will be a key asset for the oil and gas pipeline industry as they continue to push for a safer and more efficient pipeline infrastructure,” said Cliff Johnson, President of PRCI. “TDW has been a great partner in developing the pull-test facility at the TDC. The facility is a state of the art site that will allow the industry to continue to enhance the performance of inline inspection tools, one of the key tools in ensuring pipeline integrity. We look forward to working with TDW to strengthen our nation’s vital pipeline infrastructure.”

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