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Canusa-CPS DDX – Directional Drilling Kit

show-canusaCanusa-CPS is an industry leader in field-applied coatings for corrosion, mechanical and thermal protection of onshore and offshore pipelines — and a trusted supplier for midstream applications around the world. The company’s latest high-performance systems designed to protect welded joints on 3LPE and FBE coated pipelines in directional drilling applications include the DDX – Directional Drilling Kit and new HBE-DX two-component epoxy coating system.

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The DDX – Directional Drilling Kit is a high performance system designed to protect cutbacks at girth weld joints on PE and FBE coated pipelines during directional drilling applications.
The DDX system consists of:
• Force-cured epoxy primer that provides excellent anti-corrosion performance and assured epoxy thickness.
• High shear copolymer adhesive with low preheat temperature for efficient installation.
• High performance HDPE backing that provides exceptional resistance to the effect of soil shear and pipe movements.
• Pre-attached closure offers quick and easy installation.
• Sacrificial sleeve protects the leading edge of the primary sleeve during pull-through.
In addition to providing effective protection against pull-through forces that occur during the directional drilling operation, Canusa’s DDX is a three-layer PE system that provides superior corrosion protection at the weld cutback.

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