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Bredero Shaw Unleashes Complete Coating Assurance Model

Bredero Shaw, the largest division of ShawCor Ltd., has implemented its Complete Coating Assurance model, the first and only offshore pipeline coating model that ensures successful performance throughout the project. Addressing every stage of a project’s lifecycle from concept and pre-FEED to commissioning, the model offers complete control over the six elements that result in fully integrated coating interfaces throughout the project installation.

logo_brederoReliable thermal performance starts with the first element in Complete Coating Assurance: Engineering Services. Bredero Shaw’s team of experts is adept at developing thermal insulation and corrosion protection systems that implement both insulation and heating. They take into account important project factors such as pipe handling, pipeline fabrication, field jointing and pipeline deployment and operation. All of this work is done up front to add a high level of predictability to the project.

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Committed to R&D and testing, Bredero Shaw continuously innovates new solutions to solve customers’ challenges. With input from major oil and gas companies, engineering firms and contractors, the R&D team works on small to large-scale innovations in everything from materials development qualification to application development to system testing and verification.

At state-of-the-art R&D centers in Canada and Norway, the team tests material science capabilities and develops new concepts for coatings, moldings, and casting. In these facilities, ideas can make the transition quickly from the lab to the real world through rapid scale-up and testing. Bredero Shaw holds more than 100 patents covering new products and process techniques.

Experienced research scientists and QC personnel also work to ensure that all standards are met. Often with new products no specification exists, so the R&D team collaborates with customers to develop the needed documentation to facilitate the production and verification of new products and processes.

With six key elements, including Engineering Services, Pipe and Joint Coating Design, Coating System Validation, Logistics Management, Pipe Coating Application, and Field Joint Coating, Complete Coating Assurance is today’s model for offshore success. Its prime purpose is to reduce project risk, schedule risk, and performance risk. In a fully integrated program, Bredero Shaw meets that goal.

ShawCor Ltd. is an energy services company specializing in products and services for the pipeline and pipe services and the petrochemical and industrial segments of the oil and gas industry. The company operates through eight divisions with over seventy manufacturing and service facilities located around the world.

Bredero Shaw is the global leader in pipe coating solutions and employs approximately 4,000 permanent and contract personnel located at offices and facilities in fifteen countries. The division provides specialized coating systems and related services for corrosion protection, insulation and weight coating applications on land and marine pipelines, including highly engineered corrosion and insulation systems for deepwater applications.

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