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Bosque Systems to Continue Expanding Water Treatment Services in Oil and Gas Sector

In the effort to become the largest provider of water management services for the oil and gas sector in the United States, Bosque Systems has treated and managed close to 200 million barrels of produced and flowback water for oil and gas operators in 2013. The company is engaged in sourcing, gathering, storing, treating and delivery of frac-ready water to numerous operators.

“A few years ago, Bosque’s business was based solely within the saltwater disposal arena where we own and operate facilities in Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota,” said Clane LaCrosse, president and CEO of Bosque Systems. “Today our treatment, recycling and reuse programs account for more than half of our revenues and we forecast that this trend will increase in the future.”

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Bosque Systems works as a partner with oil and gas operators and handles millions of barrels at all phases of the fluid management life cycle. The solutions offered may include sourcing, gathering systems, pipelines, water storage solutions and various water treatments depending on the water quality, drilling pattern and goals of the operators.

“Bosque Systems has developed a very strong business, solution and service model centered around environmentally friendly fluid management solutions,” LaCrosse said. “By partnering with operators, we allow them to concentrate on production and maximize their resources rather than focusing on water management.”

Bosque Systems’ relationship with major operators has grown from disposal to full water life cycle management.

“The introduction of our DIONIXTM water treatment system was a turning point for Bosque Systems,” said Peter Pappas, vice president of business development for Bosque Systems. “From that point, we generated a lot of interest from operators to recycle flowback or produced water. Our technology is easy to deploy, cost effective and kills 100 percent of all bacteria in the water.”

From this initial success, the company introduced other technologies to provide a single point of contact to operators in need of treatment and recycling.

The growth of Bosque Systems has been made possible by the extensive hiring of both management and operation personnel. The company continues hiring specialist operators and technicians in markets including the Eagle Ford shale, the Cline shale, Permian basin, Midcontinent region and the Bakken. Rapidly approaching 500 employees, the company is well positioned to solidify its relationships and develop new ones within the active markets and others.

In western Texas and southeastern New Mexico, the Wolfcamp play is considered possibly the largest oil and gas discovery in the world but is also a drought-prone area. Bosque Systems is leading the charge to allow operators to reuse 100 percent of their flowback and produced water, thus minimizing fresh water withdrawal and drastically reducing truck traffic in the region by using pipeline across fields.

The company leases land and sets up tanks containing up to 40,000 barrels of recycled water, as well as other equipment to capture, treat and make this water available for operators. In this region, Bosque Systems allows for blending up to 30 percent recycled and treated water within producers’ operations.

As more scrutiny from environmental organizations and more regulations are put in place, Bosque Systems believes that the company is well positioned to support recycling initiatives on a large scale in all major plays in North America in 2014 and beyond.