... Bit Stew's MIx Core Platform Benefits Oil, Gas Industry

Bit Stew’s MIx Core Platform Benefits Oil, Gas Industry

Industrial software developer Bit Stew Systems is aiming to improve data integration for the oil and gas industry. The company announced Sept. 29 that its MIx Core platform is gaining market traction in helping companies solve data challenges at scale.

MIx Core helps oil and gas companies gain real-time intelligence across complex environments by automating and managing the data ingestion and the rapid integration of massive industrial deployments with ease. The platform is solving the data integration challenge in the oil and gas industry by correlating sensor, geospatial and work order data. This provides a semantic understanding for real-time risk analysis of equipment based on current and historic asset performance.

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“With deep experience in rapidly ingesting the massive volumes of data within the utility sector, we have learned how to effectively purpose-build data-enabled applications for many other industries, like oil and gas, that are currently relying on outdated processes in a struggle to gain the operational insights that our technology can quickly deliver,” said Kevin Collins, CEO and founder at Bit Stew. “With our MIx Core platform, we can optimize the deployment, insights and eventually, the automation of industrial processes in real-time to ensure organizations are achieving optimal productivity from their ongoing investment in industrial sensors and operational intelligence programs.”

Bit Stew’s MIx Core platform modeled, mapped, indexed and correlated an oil and gas data set in less than five hours compared to six man months that relied on traditional approaches such as data historians, data mapping technologies and open-source data stores. Examples like this demonstrate the time to value benefit that Bit Stew is bringing to the oil and gas industry. MIx Core has simplified and accelerated the data modeling, mapping and indexing across complex and disparate data sources allowing the application to predictively identify likely equipment breakdown, automatically scheduling preemptive maintenance and, as a result, avoids costly downtime for an oil and gas operation.

Bit Stew has partnered with GE to help solve challenges to data integration. At GE Minds + Machines, Bit Stew has launched a new pilot program that integrates the MIx Core platform with a GE oil and gas software solution.

“With our trusted partners like GE, we are disrupting traditional approaches for integrating industrial data leading to time to value benefit never seen before in the Industrial Internet,” said Alex Clark, Bit Stew’s chief software architect and founder. “Instead of relying on software technologies and data architectural models unsuited for the massive scale of data streaming from industrial systems, we have created an industrial data library platform that scales to the data volumes found with Industrial Internet use cases and that rapidly dissolves the challenges of data integration.”

The companies are working together to reduce customer service times from weeks and months to days.

“We are only beginning to explore the immediate benefits that businesses are able to realize quickly by harmonizing Bit Stew’s technology with GE’s Industrial Internet capabilities for the oil and gas market,” said Ashley Haynes-Gaspar, general manager of software and services at GE Measurement & Control.


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