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Big Equipment Handbook to Mail in October

2013 Big Equipment HandbookGet ready to see some big equipment.

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This year’s Big Equipment Handbook is set to mail with the October issue of North American Oil & Gas Pipelines. The annual supplement focuses on the large equipment used on oil and gas pipeline jobsites. Last year’s edition featured more than 70 equipment lineups across 11 categories that cover pipeline installation applications from cradle to grave.

Equipment categories include Right-of-Way/Land Clearing, Pipe Handling, Crawlers/Carriers, Pipe Bending, Trenchers, Hydraulic Excavators, Vacuum Excavators, Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs, Boring Machines, Backfill/Padding Machines and Restoration Equipment. And don’t forget the specs. Each category highlights the critical equipment specifications for that machine type so that readers can compare apples to apples.

The Big Equipment Handbook is the pipeline contractor’s guide to heavy-duty machinery they need to get the job done. For more information about the Big Equipment Handbook and how to get involved, contact managing editor Brad Kramer at bkramer@benjaminmedia.com or (330) 315-2104.

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