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Be a GIS Hero: Lead the Effort to Develop a Geospatial Data Strategy

Attend GeoGathering, Aug. 21-22, in Colorado Springs, Colo., and learn how to approach and develop a geospatial data strategy to increase operational safety, increase pipeline awareness and enable management to make informed business decisions.

This year’s GeoGathering Conference will be held at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and will focus on helping companies develop an effective data strategy. With this theme, the goal of the GeoGathering Conference is to provide valuable information to gathering system and upstream operators who want to create efficient, accurate, and collaborative data strategies that work for their organizations.

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The focused agenda emphasizes real-world experiences — everything from integrity management and data requirements to data security and making GIS technology more accessible to stakeholders. Presenters will demonstrate how GIS technology allows you to collect and share data between the field and the office, enabling your organization to make well-informed decisions.

Leaders in the Industry
First day keynote speaker will be president and motivational safety speaker of Safety Awareness Solutions Eric Giguere. He will present The Buried Truth Uncovered. Giguere, a former construction worker, will share his story of how he was buried alive while working in a trench. He explains the circumstances and events that led up to his accident and the profound effects it has had on him and his family. Giguere speaks from the heart with a desire for the listeners to learn from his death defying safety message.

Second day keynote speakers, Mike Harris and Wayne Rodieck, of Anadarko Petroleum Corp., will discuss the key strategies of how companies can keep up with the ever changing environment and requirements. Their presentation will consider some of the forces that are driving change and how those changes elevate performance expectations. They will examine how classical services must evolve to rise to the challenge and solutions being developed to keep pace with a world of change.

Who Should Attend?
• Senior Management
• Integrity Management Specialists
• GIS Professionals
• Field Operations Coordinators
• Engineers
• Project Managers
• Regulatory Compliance Personnel

Visit the GeoGathering website to learn more about the agenda and register: www.geogathering.com.

About GeoGathering
GeoGathering is a biennial conference that provides a venue for oil and gas gathering system and production line operators to share their experiences in applying GIS technology towards data maintenance and integrity management initiatives.

The goal of GeoGathering is to provide valuable insight into the process of GIS enabling your organization and into the role that technology could play in your day to day operations. Sessions focus on real-world experiences ranging from integrity management and regulatory requirements to field data collection and GIS-based data analysis.

The next GeoGathering conference will be held in 2015.

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