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Barbco Marks Strong First Quarter Including 2 New Patents

East Canton, Ohio-based Barbco Inc. was deemed an essential industry and has been working during Ohio’s stay-at-home directive. The manufacturing company has been adhering to and exceeding both the federal and state’s strict protective guidelines to ensure employee safety through the proactive approach of appointing a COVID-19 Workplace Coordinator. The company also was recently granted two new patents for its products.

Despite the pandemic, Barbco has delivered strong sales result for the first quarter of 2020, according to a June 19 company statement. While certain parts of the country and certain industries have been shut down, others have been working at full capacity. Subsequently, Barbco has seen strong sales of its augers and parts business. Sales for the first quarter met the budget goals. Being the brand and technology leader in horizontal auger boring machines and augers has enabled Barbco to have a very successful first quarter.

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“Our manufacturing team has stepped up in these very challenging times to produce machines to meet and exceed customer demand,” said Dave Barbera, president and co-owner of the company. Sales during the first quarter have been strongest in the southern states, where the weather broke early and contractors have been able to work around the clock improving America’s underground infrastructure on many important projects.

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The sales success was also aided by the introduction last year of Barbco’s patented FlexBor and partnered with its existing industry leading TriBor technology, which allows for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) using only air or air and water, which protects the environment better than other technology available.

“With more stringent regulations in the use of chemicals and liquids in HDD, the marketplace is quickly recognizing our patented technology as the only way to safely do HDD,” said Tony Barbera, CEO and co-owner.

As the country begins to reopen in certain states, Barbco is well-positioned to meet the need for HDD augers and equipment. Barbco’s commitment to build environmentally safe equipment will only strengthen its technology leadership.


Barbco Receives New Patents

In the last year, Barbco has received two new patents for its HDD products. The first was for the company’s innovative Flexbor tooling and technology, for which Barbco co-owner and CEO Anthony R. Barbera was granted U.S. Patent No. 10465460 on Nov. 5, 2019. The second was titled “Material Exhaust Connection For Horizontal Bore,” for which Barbera was granted U.S. Patent No. 10526846 on Jan. 7.

The FlexBor is an extremely cost-effective, environmentally safe trenchless method and tooling, which is designed to virtually eliminate frac-outs and inadvertent returns that are often associated with horizontal directional drilling and the use of bentonite.

The material exhaust connection patent makes Barbco boring machines more efficient and more environmentally friendly, as it allows for greatly improved handling the spoils from the boring operation.

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