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Atlas Copco Marks 140th Anniversary

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco

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When Ronnie Leten rang the opening bell at NASDAQ stock market in New York’s Times Square on Feb. 21, the CEO of Atlas Copco also marked his company’s 140th anniversary. The bell ringing signified the beginning of the day’s trading and the start of a year-long anniversary celebration for Atlas Copco. Maureen Ellis, an employee of more than 40 years, joined Leten at the event, along with select customers and other company management and stakeholders.

Headquartered in Sweden, Atlas Copco began in 1873 with an idea that the country should become more self-sufficient in railroad building. But as the years passed, the company diversified its product portfolio to service a variety of markets, including the oil and gas industry.

The growth of Atlas Copco is also widely accredited to the founding Wallenberg family. It is said that without the family’s belief in the company and its sometimes unorthodox decisions, Atlas Copco would probably not exist today.

“From our beginning in 1873 as a manufacturer of products for the railroad industry, we have expanded and adapted to hold world-leading positions in compressed air and gas equipment, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems,” said Jim Levitt, president of Atlas Copco North America. “The United States is the group’s largest single market and North America contributes about one-fifth of our overall revenue. The best way to celebrate 140 years in business is to acknowledge the customers that make it possible. We sincerely thank each and every one of them for their business.”

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