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Aries Industries’ New TrailBlazer Enclosure Boosts Pipeline Inspection Accessibility

Waukesha, Wisconsin-based Aries Industries has introduced the TrailBlazer operations and transport enclosure, a self-contained equipment housing that can get critical equipment into tight worksites.

Aries is an industry leader in state-of-the-art equipment for inspection and maintenance of underground infrastructure. The TrailBlazer mounts onto a pickup truck, ATV or trailer, allowing pipeline inspection equipment to be brought into locations too small for larger vehicles. The lightweight, lockable enclosure can house either an Aries Industries Mobile Pathfinder System or Master Controller System, both ready to send remote-control inspection robots into pipes and record interior conditions with video cameras.

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The TrailBlazer employs a weatherproof and corrosion-proof shell to protect and transport the control systems. Inside are two 250-lb capacity drawers to securely store tractors, cameras and accessories. A flip-up sunshade provides protection from the elements.

Two installed monitor options are available: one 17-in. sunlight-readable screen, or two 15-in. sunlight-readable units. The TrailBlazer has four 120-volt outlets and two USB outlets.

“We are thrilled to introduce the TrailBlazer, designed and built by Aries to help customers efficiently inspect mainlines in hard-to-reach areas,” said company president and CEO Larry Brown in a March 8 company statement. “This product enhances service range and flexibility by making pipeline inspection equipment easier to transport, and being able to get it into work sites with limited access. The options for customized buildout ensure that customers can utilize the exact equipment required for their specific needs.”

Founded in 1985, Aries Industries is the industry leader in manufacturing durable video pipeline inspection and rehabilitation systems, plus data management software, to meet the toughest challenges of underground infrastructure and environmental applications. Focused on “Raising the Bar Underground,” the company’s cameras, tractors and fully-integrated systems are built upon a bedrock of continuous innovation, unmatched reliability and expert customer service. More information is available at www.ariesindustries.com, by calling (800) 234-7205, or following the company on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

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