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API Applauds Growing Congressional Support for Keystone XL

Oil and gas pipeline advocates cheered the growing support of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for TransCanada’s Keystone XL project. American Petroleum Institute (API) executive vice president Marty Durbin welcomed Sen. John Hoeven’s (R-N.D.) and U.S. Representative Lee Terry’s (R-Neb.) continued efforts to get the pipeline built.

“Bipartisan support continues to grow for this jobs project,” Durbin said. “Thousands of highly skilled Americans will be put to work immediately if Keystone XL is approved. There is no other shovel ready project out there that can rival the job creating potential of KXL.”

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Durbin noted the four comprehensive federal reviews and a Nebraska review of the project over the last five years.

“The science continues to say that Keystone XL will have no significant impact on the environment,” he said. “It’s time to put the pipe in the ground. This is a winning project for the [United States] that will enhance our energy security and create thousands of good paying jobs.”

Keystone XL supporters have rallied all over the United States, according to Durbin, who referenced a March 14 gathering of more than 400 union workers at the Minnesota state capitol to ask lawmakers to approve the project.

“We expect the voices in favor of this vital project will only get louder as a decision nears,” he added.

API thanked Rep. Terry, Sen. Hoeven and their colleagues on both sides of the aisle for their steadfast leadership on the Keystone XL pipeline.

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