... 5 Tips for Pipeline Security

5 Tips for Improving Pipeline Security

By Jeff Leverence


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The September 2014 issue of North American Oil & Gas Pipelines focused on pipeline security. However, the article did not spend much time discussing what the security industry calls “boots on the ground” or physical security officer patrols for pipelines.

Securing North American Pipeline Infrastructure

Physical “boots on the ground” security can provide a visible deterrent to criminals prowling pipeline rights of way.

Diamond Group Security, through its more than 900 security partners, provides this type of security at pipelines, wind farms, solar projects and other construction sites throughout North America.

Regarding pipeline security, here are five tips for pipeline construction firms and the owners of this type of pipeline infrastructure:

  1. Select a private security officer patrol firm that owns professional, robust and intimidating patrol vehicles equipped with flashing light bars, professional name markings and GPS tracking software capability. A deterrent to criminal activity is the No. 1 goal of any pipeline operator or builder.
  2. Drive along hot spots or vulnerable areas along the right of way. From a criminal’s eyes, the visual acceptance that security is actively protecting an area will deter most criminals and force them to go elsewhere. Diamond Group’s vehicles make hundreds of miles of inspections during a full day of patrol.
  3. Use a private security firm that employs military veterans. It is not only honorable to support vets, but they possess the traits of discipline, problem solving and focus. Diamond Group Security makes certain that all of its security jobs have military veterans on staff to protect clients’ projects.
  4. Use the services of a competent security brokerage company to screen, interview and background check all potential security firms in the given area of the subject project. Diamond Group provides this service and does not cost anything for the construction firm or the pipeline owner. The company is paid a finder’s fee from the hired security firm.
  5. Finally, physical “boots on the ground” security officer patrol is not the only tool that should be used to secure pipeline infrastructure. A combination of cameras, electronic detection and monitoring tools will decrease the chances of harm being done on a pipeline right of way.


Jeff Leverence is president of Diamond Group Security.

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