... White Paper: 5 Common Composite Repair Misconceptions

5 Common Composite Repair Misconceptions

Do you have questions or concerns about using composite wrap systems for pipe repair? Maybe you are wondering about the ability to inspect or repair crack-like features.

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If so, read the latest white paper from Milliken Infrastructure’s Pipe Wrap team, 5 Common Composite Repair Misconceptions. The white paper details five common composite repair misconceptions, where they originated, the reality of these misconceptions and why it is vitally important to understand the engineering behind these solutions as well as their capabilities and effectiveness in each unique repair.

The misconceptions discussed are:

  • Any off-the-shelf product can address my simple repair
  • Only certain composites can be inspected
  • Composite products provide only a temporary repair solution
  • Composites can’t adequately repair crack-like features in pipe
  • Fabric or laminate construction is a marketing ploy

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