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2017 Big Equipment Handbook: Right of Way Equipment

2017 Big Equipment Handbook ROWClearing the Path: Track mulchers, trimmers and mowers tackle right of way work

Clearing machines, such as track mulchers, grinders, chippers, tree trimmers and mowers, level the path in preparation for the arrival of the big equipment used for installing oil and gas pipelines.

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Along miles of approved right of way, specialized machinery devours the vegetation found along a pipeline route. Tree trunks become sawdust. Underbrush turns to mulch. Tall grass is cut down to size.

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The Big Equipment Handbook is the biggest spec guide dedicated solely to the large-scale machinery used in pipeline installation from cradle to grave. The Big Equipment Handbook highlights the products and specs for machines associated with Right of Way Clearing, Pipe Handling, Crawler Carriers, Bull Dozers (a new section for 2017), Pipe Bending, Trenchers, Hydraulic Excavators, Vacuum Excavators, HDD Rigs, Boring Machines, Backfill and Padding Machines and Restoration Equipment.

To view the Big Equipment Handbook in its entirety, follow this link to our digital edition.

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