... Pipe Handling Equipment in the 2017 Big Equipment Handbook

2017 Big Equipment Handbook: Pipe Handling

02-pipe-handlingSafehandling: Pipelayers, Sidebooms and Lifting Equipment

Cross-country pipelines deal in large diameter pipe. With miles-long spreads, pipelayers, sidebooms, vacuum lifters and other equipment help contractors lay in the pipe that connects supply to market. With concerns related to pipeline integrity, these machines must be able to handle the pipe without damaging coatings or the structure of the pipe itself.

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The Big Equipment Handbook is the biggest spec guide dedicated solely to the large-scale machinery used in pipeline installation from cradle to grave. The Big Equipment Handbook highlights the products and specs for machines associated with Right of Way Clearing, Pipe Handling, Crawler Carriers, Bull Dozers (a new section for 2017), Pipe Bending, Trenchers, Hydraulic Excavators, Vacuum Excavators, HDD Rigs, Boring Machines, Backfill and Padding Machines and Restoration Equipment.

To view the Big Equipment Handbook in its entirety, follow this link to our digital edition.

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